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  • Wearing A “Black Scholars Matter” Shirt To A Bank Robbery Is A Bold Move

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    If you’re gonna rob a bank, you should always be mindful of your attire:

    Black Scholars Matter. This is the shirt he chose to wear to a bank robbery. Hey genius, if you’re so scholarly then why can’t you get a job? Might wanna do something about that chinstrap. You might as well have a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat on in your LinkedIn profile picture. The second I see a grown man with a chinstrap I just assume they’re either leaving court or on their way to court.

    Anyone know this brilliant criminal? Something tells me he didn’t earn that shirt by making the National Junior Honor Society.

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    1. Didi Delfatso

      He’s been denied teaching jobs because of the color of his skin! He wouldn’t have to steal if the white patriarchal capitalist system wasn’t so oppressive!

    2. Robbing Hood

      That’s some militant any means necessary shit right there!

    3. Dave

      Will this crime count on the BLM total?

    4. Steven Stover

      It isn’t one of Carlo “The Scolar” Baldino’s pupils. They don’t know how to spell scholar…..How about doing a quickie on old balls. I need a laugh beside Richie Cunningham standing in front of a 67 Oldsmobile Delmont with Bill Clinton’s load running down his face.

    5. Jim Bob

      Dumb yes, but accidentally creative too.

    6. Maggie the Cat

      Probably a student at Hampshire College.

    7. Stunt Penis

      He was robbing the bank for the United Negro College Fund.

      Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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