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Woman Embezzles A Fortune From Cancer-Stricken Brother, Then She Wins $1 Million On A Scratch Ticket


Good things happen to good people? Is that what they want us to believe? Then it would be hard to explain how today’s “dirtbag of the day” Maria Pereira of Berkley, who was born devoid of a soul, could steal $1.6 million from her cancer-stricken brother, Manuel Buginga, the same man that was also nice enough to give her a job bookkeeping for his company, MJM Construction. But oh wait, it’s even worse than you thought.  She actually stole EVEN MORE AFTER she won a million dollars on a scratch ticket! Pereira had been stealing from her brother’s company for years, and as soon as he was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma in March of 2012, Pereira’s “embezzling rapidly accelerated”.

After winning the lottery Jan. 31 2012 and taking a lump sum of $455,000 after taxes, Pereira put several thousand dollars back into the business to try and cover her tracks, Buginga said.



So what did this douchebag buy with all this money? She bought “A fleet of motorcycles” and “custom closets”.  You know, the necessities in life. On Friday she pleaded guilty in Brockton Superior Court to larceny over $250 by a single scheme as part of a plea deal to have 15 other charges against her dropped.  “I can’t believe her stealing accelerated after she found out I was sick,” Buginga, 38, of Bridgewater said. He underwent months of treatments and has now been cancer free since October 2012.

As part of the plea deal on Friday, Pereira was sentenced to 5 years probation and was ordered to pay $103,757 in restitution. She had been facing 5 years in prison. Despite Buginga’s best efforts to explain the situation to his vendors, many of which stood by his side, his business was ruined as he took time to deal with his cancer.

At today’s hearing, Judge Cornelius Moriarty said, “It’s clear that Ms. Pereira has engaged in extraordinarily disgraceful conduct, she’s stolen from her brother who placed her in a position of trust and she stole from him when he was sick.” Also during the hearing, Buginga referred to his sister as “an absolute scumbag”. You got that right!

karma_o_1018611 Pereira was ordered to now repay the $103,757 in $1000 per week increments.  Where is that $1000 per week going to come from, you ask?? We can only imagine …

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  • Wabbitt
    July 19, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    Maybe she can start organizing craigslist gang bangs to make back the money.

  • Chris almeida
    July 19, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    I am unfortunitly the nephew of maria pereira and the truth is I won the ticket my aunt was to be my accountant we went with my grand dad and aunt to cash it in Braintree and she took my money to pay back her brother I had bought or let me say I thought I bought a house she mortgaged it gave it up in land court after faking a pay off letter to the deeds office all can be checked by researching 400 Lincoln ave.dighton ma. I now am getting screwed over still and my tickets mentioned in each artical but I did not benifet from it she stole it and had fun no one cares to tell my story or what the kids have had to deal with homeless broke lost 2 houses my name reputation my step kids assaulted Freetown police department has the police response and report I’d share the pic of me with my ticket but it won’t let me …. But she’s walking the streets still

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