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  • Ratchet Latina Chick Who Attacked White Girl At Hampshire College Basketball Cuz Her Braids Were Cultural Appropriation Has A GoFundMe For Thailand Vacation To Play With Elephants

    Ratchet Latina Chick Who Attacked White Girl At Hampshire College Basketball Cuz Her Braids Were Cultural Appropriation Has A GoFundMe For Thailand Vacation To Play With Elephants

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    Hampshire College is up to its old tricks:

    A 20-year-old Hampshire College student is currently facing charges after allegedly attacking a visiting basketball player over the player’s “culturally appropriated” hair braids, according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Carmen Figueroa, of Brooklyn, pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct in Eastern Hampshire District Court in Belchertown on Friday. 

    The charges were incurred as the result of an incident that occurred at Hampshire College’s Robert Crown Center on January 27. During the incident, Figueroa allegedly walked up to members of the Central Maine Community College women’s basketball team and demanded that they remove braids from their hair, calling “cultural appropriation.”

    When the girls did not do as Figueroa asked, she allegedly initiated a fight with one of them. At the same time, another Hampshire College student who has not been identified is said to have pulled the hair of one of the visiting players, which caused her to fall down.  Figueroa then allegedly stepped on the player who had fallen, which injured her, according to court documents. One of the other players stepped in to attempt to protect her team mate, but Figueroa allegedly “grabbed her by the head and threw her to the ground”–which caused her to suffer scratches, say the court documents. Coaches came to break up the fight–at which time Figueroa is said to have been “screaming swears and racial slurs” and had attempted to punch the visiting basketball players. 

    The school has confirmed that Figueroa is a student at Hampshire College but hasn’t commented on the incident.  “Because it’s an active, ongoing District Court proceeding, the College has no comment at this time,” said Hampshire College Media Officer John Courtmanche, in an email to The Republican. 

    The topic of “cultural appropriation” has become a heated issue on many college campuses in recent years. Defined loosely, it refers to the adoption of a culturally specific item by someone not directly involved in that culture. 





    I’m watching March Madness while I write this. Basketball was invented in Springfield by a white guy. That shit belongs to MY people!! Yet every player for West Virginia on the floor right now is black. Guess I should kick their ass for appropriating my culture.

    See how stupid that sounds?

    How dare one culture see something they like about another culture and embrace it. It’s almost as if we’re living in some sort of…..melting pot. (citation – Bill Maher ran) The best part is that these are the same snowflakes who constantly tell us how important it is to embrace diversity and learn about new cultures. So they want you to love other people’s “cultures,” they just don’t want you to love is so much that you try to emulate it.

    It’s also not the first time we’ve seen a SJW on a power trip attacking a white student for wearing braids:

    Because you have the right to physically attack other people if they offend “muh feels.”

    Never mind the fact that white girls wearing braids is sports is extremely common:

    Scott Sommerdorf | The Salt Lake Tribune With braids flying, Kaitlin Walker of Wasatch wins the 3A Girls 110 MH with a time of 15.32 at the State High School track meet held at BYU, Saturday, May 18, 2013.

    Unity Christian soccer braids1 3733BC3D00000578-3744747-Laura_Trott_made_Olympic_history_last_night_by_becoming_Britain_-m-4_1471423926508


    And it’s not done because they’re “appropriating” anyone’s culture. It’s done because they believe it gives them a competitive advantage. Must like men who swim competitively shave their heads, and other men who play football with dreads are risking this:


    As usual, Hampshire College is to blame for creating the toxic culture that led to this violent incident. When you brainwash your students into thinking that the causes they are fighting for are so just, and so righteous, that violence is justified in order to push your agenda, this is what you get. You get Trigglypuff shouting down a panel at UMass because she doesn’t agree with what they’re saying:

    You get Jennie Chenkin plotting to throw stink bombs to shut down the same panel:

    Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.31.03 PM


    You get students burning American flags because their candidate for President lost, and you have the University feeding into this madness by refusing to put a new flag back up because it’s triggering.



    Hampshire still has not suspended this student. That alone tells you everything you need to know. This student was arrested for violently assaulting another woman, who was a guest at Hampshire College, solely because of the color of her skin. If the student with braided hair were black she would not have done this. She did it to her because she was white. Ya know what that makes it? A HATE CRIME!!

    “A crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.”

    This violent crime was clearly motivated by racial prejudice. Carmen Figueroa doesn’t think white people should be allowed to wear braids because her college professors have taught her that it’s inappropriate for white women to do this. She asked her to take the braids out, and when the woman didn’t do as she asked, she assaulted her and took her braids out for her.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.32.58 AM

    Now imagine if it was the other way around. A white student sees a black player from another school and doesn’t like the fact that her hair has been straightened. Ya know, because only white people are allowed to straighten their hair. So the white student goes over to the black woman, who is a guest at the school, and she tells her to braid her hair. When she doesn’t comply to the white woman’s demands she is attacked and pulled down by her hair.

    It would be national news. Every social justice warrior in the country would be tweeting their outrage. Hampshire would’ve expelled the student immediately. But none of this happened because you can pretty much do anything to white people so long as it’s under the guise of social activism. But please, tell me more about this whole “white privilege” thing. Seems to have worked out well for the white chick with braids.

    Of course Carmen Figueroa goes to Hampshire College because she culturally appropriated the spot from a more deserving student and all in the name of diversity. She’s a trashy thug from Brooklyn and the only school that would take her is Hampshire College. Because they’ll take pretty much anyone who hates America and is willing to use violence in the name of social justice.


    Oh yea, and Carmen Figueroa started a GoFundMe in 2015 so she could go to Thailand to fix AIDS and play with the elephants:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.54.48 PM

    Hampshire College education right there. Begs for people to pay for her exotic vacation. Attacks people white girls during sporting contests for not giving into her demands. Yay social justice!!

    P.S. Odds are the chick with the braids is more than likely a SJW herself, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s blaming herself right now and checking her privilege. Cuz these people are almost always social justice warriors.



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    1. Sue her and the college

      Never ending, realistically a hate crime, by a fascist hater and bigot. Am sure the violent neurotic is receiving affirmative action, loans, grants, etc. too.

    2. Itsjustme

      Didn’t you know? Only white people can be racist and commit hate crimes.

    3. Rumples

      Little know fact- white people from Springfield are actually black.

    4. Maggie the Cat

      That is one crazy chica. She needs help with her mental condition, but she sure ain’t gonna get it at Hampshire College!

    5. Tngsucks

      Didn’t Bo Derek have braids?

    6. paul

      lets hope that a judge who is sick of this crap throws the book at her and she does some time

      1. Dave

        In Hampshire County? It will continued without a finding. Her court appointed attorney will tell the judge that Ms. Figueroa was raised by her mother in New York City , a single parent with 5 other kids to raise in a roach infested apartment owned by Donald Trump.

    7. Troubled Nostrils

      Surely there were plenty of witnesses, yet the hair-pullin’ bitch denies doing it. Someone is lyin’ BADLY. And my guess it’s the Latina Cabeza de Loco!

    8. John Galt

      Nothing in this story surprises me except that Hamster College has a basketball team! It must be co-ed LBGTQ, with one locker room for both teams to share equally; all games finish 0-0 ties to be fair; coach-less because coaches are fascist, racist sexists; and the ball is made of non-GMO organic flax leaves not genuine leather.

      1. X

        I though the only sports team that Hampshire has was a frisbee team

    9. NotA Zombie...YET!

      I bet that Maura Healy’s hate crimes hot line is lowing up over this racially motivated violent assault!!!!

      Just kidding. Even if it was, Maura is right now pressing the delete button repeatedly. FRAUD. We will repeat and rebroadcast this next election. Not that it matters to Maura. She has the D for dummy next to her name on the ballot, and she knows that the dummies will follow her like drooling zombies.

    10. XYZAffair

      Hampshire College functions more like a day care for wealthy SJWs.

    11. Turtle Lover

      hahahahahahahaaaaa TRIPGGLYPUFF!!! Priceless!!! A big fat, triggered fucking coo coo puff!!

    12. Lenny

      Fuck this dirty spic right in her pussy!

    13. Independent Thinker

      Trump will never be able to make America great again if this is an example of what he has to work with.

      I’m sure the school has not suspended her.

    14. Mike Radant

      Find out the bitches address and phone number and put it on the internet!

    15. Mike Radant

      Why is the fat bitch culturally appropriating a mustache?!?

    16. Susan Romanov-Richter

      As usual Hampshire college is failing in educating students by not using actual historical facts, preferring instead to use the SJW manual of lies and inaccuracies perhaps that is the reason Ms. Figueroa didn’t realize that both braids and dreadlocks are not exclusive to those of a particular race or skin color, Vikings as well as many other cultures comprised of white skinned people have been braiding and dreading their hair for centuries or perhaps Figueroa is just a violent dumb Ass seeking reasons to take her hostilities out on anyone that fit’s the narrative pushed by the SJW’s either way flabby Figueroa should be charged with a hate crime as well as crimes against fashion and nature for appropriating a duck in her hideous and excessive pic’s.

    17. Liz

      Ok first off, I am a SJW. And this pisses me off. While cultural appropriation is a thing- when you specifically imitate something from a different culture, with the intent to make fun of etc.- this is NOT a case of appropriation! And needless to say, even if the bitch thought it was, ITS NOT EVEN HER CULTURE! She is Latino! According to appropriation, braids “belong” to Blacks and Natives! So why the fuck does she care! She is your classic dumb spick smh. Insult to Latinos everywhere.

      However, in reality, Whites also have had braids for thousands of years. The Norse, Irish, Germans, etc. , Asians, the works. Braids although the hot spot for Cultural Appropriation, are truly a horrible example as quite literally every culture has had them in some form or another. This is coming from a half Black chick mind you! And all the full Blacks I know, couldn’t give a damn how you wear your hair! People fuck everything up. Cultural Appropriation is when your doing something like Black Face or Asian Face etc. something derogatory! Liking braids and wearing them is NOT Appropriation.

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