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  • Webster Jellypuff Mom Busted Selling Crack Cocaine With 18 Year Old Sons, All Of Whom Have Changed Facebook Pictures To Mugshots

    Webster Jellypuff Mom Busted Selling Crack Cocaine With 18 Year Old Sons, All Of Whom Have Changed Facebook Pictures To Mugshots

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    Webster drug busts are my favorite drug busts…..

    Nothing to see here. Just a 40 year old jellypuff selling crack cocaine out of her home with a couple 18 year olds. Pretty standard Webduh behavior. As a matter of fact, if you looked up Webster in the dictionary, you’d probably see a picture of Big Momma’s face….

    Just sayin.

    Jellypuff as had some really good advice on Facebook lately:

    She just hasn’t listened to any of it herself. Although this was inspirational:

    OK then.

    Turns out Holly is actually the mother to at least one of these little hoodboogers. Here she is at Jordan Collins graduation from Union Hill Elementary School in Worcester back in 2012:

    Naturally if you’re living in Worcester, looking to go into the crack cocaine business, and trying to remain inconspicuous, you move to Webduh.

    She’s one sexy bitch, even ask her:

    A real model for fitness and healthy living

    Who buys her children flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats, so they’re destined for greatness:

    Of course her “real job” is being a PCA/Home Health Aid:

    She only seems interested in African-American men:

    Which is great. However, someone should remind her that being addicted to black dudes doesn’t actually make you black:

    Just sayin.

    With a role model like this, how could the children ever go wrong?

    Evidently her sperm donor recently got let out of the can, so this was how she was making ends meet in the meantime.

    If you can relate to what it’s like for your man to go to prison, you’re living a ratchet lifestyle Wendy. And as Joey Webster pointed out there, both of these winners have proudly changed their profile pictures to their mugshots:

    Oh man, those guys are definitely keepin it 100 emoji frfr.

    They were arrested on September 29. Nappy Gilmore had some hot takes on law enforcement a couple days prior:

    Definitely keep “running with the same n words till the end 100 emoji.” That sounds like a five year plan that is destined for success. What could possibly go wrong?

    FRFR 100 emoji He dindu nuffin free mah boi finna cash deez handz!!!

    Tyrique seems like a lovely person with a vibrant personality too:

    Ahh yes, the old post shit bathroom middle finger selfie. Nothing builds street cred like one of those bad boys. Nothing except standing on the moss infected ground outside of your section 8 crack den, throwing gang signs of whatever imaginary Webduh gang you be repping while selling crack cocaine with your mother.

    Man, they sure grow up fast in Webster don’t they?

    Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the two junior hoodrats. I don’t think they’ll be finishing up their GED’s anytime soon. But Momma Jellypuff? She’s the brains of the operation. I think she’ll smarten up, move to Southbridge, and start setting up shop there like most people who are arrested for selling crack cocaine in Webster end up doing as their next lateral career move.



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    1. Steven Stover

      Assholism is hereditary huh?

    2. bigdaddy

      How come they all have different last names?

    3. They call me Ponch

      Hole up, hole da fuck up.

      Moving from Webster to Southbridge is a lateral move?

      I guess you’re right.

      Like moving from Lynn to Revere.

    4. Noseface


    5. Sloppy

      I’m not a very big guy, so I think if I ever went to jail I might be a target. That’s why my plan would be to find some skinny little fuck and pound him up the ass on the first night right in the mess hall in front of everyone. That way everyone in the jail would be like”woah, don’t fuck with that little new guy, he’s tapped!”
      I ‘m not even gay, but that’s my plan. And looking at these photos, those are the kinds of skinny little fucks ‘d go after.
      I also wouldn’t wipe my ass, ever. Might save my cornhole from an involuntary rodgerin’.

    6. Sue

      With a mother like that, the kid never had a chance. It’s sad when parents play such a huge role in ruining their own child’s life. Don’t teach him how to be a good man, with respect and dignity. Teach em to sell rock Instead. Great job mom

    7. wabbitt

      If your Facebook profile pic is your mugshot, you might be from Webster.

    8. Lt Dan

      funniest meme I’ve ever seen on this site

    9. Too Tall Tim

      I ain’t exactly a pretty boy, but that woman reminds me of Mr. Haney from “Green Acres.”

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