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A New Bedford Lover Story: Freetown Fudgenut Claims Sperm Sponge GF Is A Rat, Has AIDS After They Burn Down Dealers Apartment, Get Burned In 2 Separate Heroin Deals

A New Bedford Lover Story: Freetown Fudgenut Claims Sperm Sponge GF Is A Rat, Has AIDS After They Burn Down Dealers Apartment, Get Burned In 2 Separate Heroin Deals

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Say Ahoy Hoy to Brad Westgate and Rose Bowman.

Last week these two dregs of society got clinked for arson after setting fire to a 6 family home in New Bedford.

NEW BEDFORD — Two people are charged with starting a fire at a six-family home in the city’s North End Thursday night, after they were ripped off in two drug deals, court documents say. Brad D. Westgate, 39, of 75 Chipaway Road, Freetown, and Rose Bowman, 33, of 596 County St., New Bedford, are charged with arson, according to Lt. Amos Melo, a police spokesman. Westgate was arraigned Friday and ordered held without bail for a dangerousness hearing on Mondayin New Bedford District Court, court records say. As of late Friday afternoon, Bowman had not been arraigned, according to court officials.  Pat Walsh, an assistant clerk-magistrate, said Bowman was a patient at St. Luke’s Hospital, and he signed an arrest warrant from the New Bedford Police Department Thursday night. According to court documents, Bowman was in the hospital for a pre-existing medical condition, not because of injuries from the fire.

This Busch-League Bonnie and Clyde set a multiple family home on fire because they both got burned by the same dealer, on the same day.

Bowman said she went to the house to buy drugs and she was robbed of her money and Westgate went there later and also had his money stolen from him, which enraged him, court documents said. She told police that Westgate returned to the house with a clear plastic container and went to the back of the house with it.

Let’s break this down.  Rose went to the building located on N. Front street to score some drugs and got ripped off.  Later in the same day her Hubby, Baldo Brad, decided to try and cop some narcotics from the same dealer.  He too left $40 poorer and drugless.  It’s pretty hard to believe that he needed drugs, because you’d have to be high as King Kong’s Cock to try and score off someone that ripped off your wife a few hours prior.

So what is a desperate fiend supposed to do in this situation? Clearly follow the old Ratchet Proverb of: Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, I’m burning this Bitch down.

I like to think the two of them sat in Brad’s truck bumping Prodigy’s “Firestarter” to get amped up for their “payback”. Amazingly, no residents or First Responders were hurt.  Firefighters fought through the night battling the blaze, which did $200k in damages to the building, as well as $30k worth of damage to a neighboring home.

Here’s a photo of Junkbox Brad in court moments before the Judge surprisingly decided he was dangerous and held him without bail.

Now you might assume the kind of couple that gets junked and commits arson together would have an enduring relationship. Nope. Brad managed to get on the interwebs before getting arraigned and made a couple of subtle accusations about his Wife.

Yikes! Herpes and the HIV?!?!

Funny how quickly Brad threw Rose to the wolves, considering a month prior he was screaming his love for her from the Facebook rooftops.

Apparently, this isn’t the first gal that fell for Brad’s smooth talking and classic good looks.  Her Doorprize for letting this bozo stick his pork steeple into her squish mitten? A matching set of bracelets and possibly a few months of 3 hots and a cot.

So what did Brad drag Krista “threw” that ruffled Johnny Law’s feathers?

Brad is clearly the Ratchet whisperer.  You don’t get one girl to be your tag team partner in an arson, and another girl to put on (then take off) her hookin’ pants, without having the confidence of a young Marlon Brando.

He also fancies himself a Hoodneck, and has some museum quality tattoos to prove it.

I guess I don’t have my finger on the Garbage People Pulse, because I had to hit up Urban Dictionary to figure out what a Hoodneck was.

This was confusing to me.  Not the Redneck part, that seemed to hit the nail on the head.  I just can’t understand the “Hood” portion. Would someone that was “Hood” liberally pepper their account with “SS” references and call his Wife a “Race Trader”?

Nice. It looks like he’s probably burned a cross or two as well.

At the end of the day these 2 Shit-Bums put a building full of people in harm’s way, and out on the street.  All because they have a “disease”, and their Street Pharmacist was out of medicine.



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3 Comment(s)
  • Matt fergy
    October 9, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Me and my family were one of the families that lived in the front. 3rd floor. Bad area but cheap rent trying to save for our house. My wife, my son, and myself are all starting our lives from scratch because of these assholes. Let these fuckers die alone in a cell, Bc god help them if they do end up getting out.

    • xMumz
      October 9, 2017 at 7:48 pm

      Sorry to hear about that. The first thing I thought of when reading this was..”what the hell, what about the other families that live there”. Hopefully you are able to get back on your feet quickly.

    • Finn
      October 10, 2017 at 9:23 pm

      I’m very happy that you and your family made it out alive. I’m awfully sorry that these shitbags caused this devastation and emotional trauma. Stay strong. <3

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