All-Star Criminals

Bisquick Bunny Previously Featured As TB’s Dumbest Criminal Of The Week Is Now Selling Drugs On Facebook While Going At It With Other Turtleboy Famous Ratchets

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A while back we wrote about quite possibly the dumbest criminals ever who got caught breaking into homes in broad daylight in Sutton.






Since we last blogged about this bisquick bunny she’s been very busy turning her life around. And by that I mean assembling Google trophies like you’ve never seen. From participation awards for A&B arrests, to possession of amphetamines, to receiving stolen property…

To her more recent arrest for robbing half the stores in the Millbury Mall:

A call to the Millbury Police Department on Wednesday, Jan. 25, regarding an alleged shoplifting incident resulted in the arrest of two Worcester women. According to Sgt. Brian Lewos, an employee from Dick’s Sporting Goods at Worcester Providence Turnpike called police at 11:27 a.m. Lewos said when officers arrived, one female was detained inside the store while the other was stopped while running in the parking lot toward Pier 1 Imports. After responding officers completed an investigation, the following women were arrested and charged:

  • Skye Gauthier, 25, of 14 Oread St., Apt. 307, larceny over $250 and conspiracy;

  • Stacey R. Grabow, 27, of 14 Oread St., Apt. 505, larceny over $250 by a single scheme, conspiracy, possession of a burglarious instrument.

A search of the duo’s vehicle produced nearly $700 worth of stolen clothing, Lewos said, from Dick’s, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Carter’s. The burglarious instrument Grabow allegedly had in her possession was a set of pliers used to cut off tags, Lewos said.

Obviously she’s grown as an individual and learned from her last stint on Turtleboy.

Well, Stacey’s back, and apparently she’s gotten even worse at being a criminal….

I don’t know what’s more hilarious. The fact that she’s clearly selling illegal narcotics on the world’s second most trafficked website, or the fact that she thinks 4 for 70 is a price break when she charges 35 for 2 of whatever she’s selling. You do save $5 if you purchase 6 bags though, so she’s got that going for her. Get my drift? Holla with a lift!

Surely she can’t be this dumb. This was a mistake right? Maybe she’s selling mutual funds….

“You already know.”

Yes. Yes we do Stacey.

According to her this was smart because she’s, “cutting out the competition and advertising”:

Except the competition is also selling something illegal, they’re just smart enough not to announce their Martin Luther King day sales for the world to see.

You knew this was coming…..

They even tagged the right page!

As you can see above, she tried to play the whole, “I’m selling XBox games” angle in case the fuzz was watching. But she didn’t do a good job of sticking to the script, and couldn’t resist the urge to call out some of her allegedcustomers who were mocking her:

She wasn’t trying to heed the warning that this would inevitably land her back on Turtleboy:

And of course she threw out the accusation that some of the people commenting offered to make tummy pancakes for her boyfriend in exchange for the product she was selling for the world to see:

Apparently it’s a different boyfriend from the previous arrest. Which is weird because they said they were gonna be together 4 eva:


Just don’t call the new chudstuffer illegal:

Because although she’s a crackbunny shamelessly selling drugs on Facebook, she draws the line at microaggressions.

I gotta give it to her though – it’s impressive just how many fucks she refuses to give. She was throwing ratchet haymakers at anyone who had something negative to say about her:

Oh good, she’s threatening to beat people up in front of their “wannabe black boyfriend and handicapped children.” Classy!

Notice she went right at Jamila Wormley for talking shit, because she claimed the woman (who admits to doing some stints in the can herself) has previously appeared on Turtleboy in the past. We couldn’t find her name in the system, but we did see this on her Facebook page:

So she was using an alias before this, and on May 26 some “drama happened” that caused it to get shut down.  Well, here’s a blog we published on May 26:

Yup, turns out Jamila Wormley = Milla Chavaune. AKA, the Uxbridge stripper house cleaner:

I knew Jamila looked familiar……

The same woman who drastically undercharges for her work. I mean, $300? For being buck naked in my house for that long? That’s a great enough deal as it is. Never mind the house gets cleaned too! For that kind of cash she could’ve kept working at the Riviera…

No face frostings though…..

At least not for $300.

I’m with the naked housecleaner this time. She’s actually providing a very valuable service that……someone I know….would be willing to hire her for if she emailed me. But the drug dealer? Fuck her. She should just stick to selling food stamps like the rest of the ratchet patrol.

5 Comment(s)
  • livesinlowell
    January 11, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Sometimes I thinksome of the ratchets that appear on TBS, now take pride that they made the blog. They embrace their ratchetry. After all, only good can judge, right?

  • Shookones
    January 11, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    These google re-directs are getting ridiculous. I can’t even read a full article without being bounced off the the page to a “win a google prize”. I’ve tried typing this twice already and been bounced. And you can’t back up, you have to close the page and re-open it.

    • 5HourEnergy’d
      January 12, 2018 at 9:33 am

      I have the same problem with this, except mine is “Apple winner.”

  • Hugh Jass
    January 11, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    Maybe she will join your class action lawsuit against FB? Guffaw…

    • Maid Mack
      January 11, 2018 at 4:28 pm

      Are ya that lonely, cumcatcher? I’m sure Millie’s got a brother who’ll stem the rose fer ya.

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