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Brimfield Kids Raise Over $1,700 And Counting For Harvey Victims By Selling Lemonade In The Rain After We Urged Turtle Riders To Support Them

Brimfield Kids Raise Over $1,700 And Counting For Harvey Victims By Selling Lemonade In The Rain After We Urged Turtle Riders To Support Them

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Yesterday we posted about these great kids doing great things in Brimfield:

Bunch of kids spending their weekend raising money for people they don’t know, who live 2,000 miles away, in the rain.

Well, turtle riders did what they always do when they see a great story like this – they went down to support the kids. As a matter of fact it got so much attention after we posted about it that the MSM even went down there. They just forgot to mention where they found out about it:

Western Mass NewsResidents across western Massachusetts continue to help those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. On Sunday, two little boys, with some help from their mom, set up a lemonade stand at the Brimfield Elementary School to raise money for those in Texas. Carter and Evan Schroth’s mother said she was originally planning on setting it up at their house, but figured having the stand at the school would help raise more money.

“We’ve all been talking about Hurricane Harvey, and what we could do to support the people down there, and doing a lemonade stand at our house, but we don’t have a lot traffic near our house, so we contacted the principal here at Brimfield Elementary, and he said we could have it down here and had a lot of support from the town,” said Katie Poirier.

By the end of the day they helped raise $1,700. For anyone who would like to make a donation, please use a PayPal account and send funds to [email protected]

Shoutout to Evan, Carter, Lilly, Andrea, Katie, and Allie, the kids who were there all day raising this cash. Amazing – $1,700 selling lemonade in one day. That’s insane. And once again it shows just how kind hearted and decent turtle riders really are. A couple of Brimfield Moms asked us to post about this, and we thank them for bringing it to our attention. Because we love to support positive stories in the community, not just expose ratchets and cheesehogs.

But wait, I thought turtle riders were horrible racist people? Turns out our readership is largely comprised of regular mothers from places like Brimfield, who value what we do and feel comfortable coming to us to help kids like this raise money for people in Houston. Weird.

This is why Turtleboy is so important. Because we have a gigantic audience of great people. And all we wanna do is improve the world around us. People who want to bring us down don’t want us to do good things, because they want the world to be a dark and unloving place. Unfortunately for them we are winning, and the world is getting brighter every day.

As was mentioned in the linked article, they want to use this momentum to keep raising money for Harvey victims. So here is their PayPalAnd the next time someone says Turtle is some vile hate blog, just remind them that they’re intentionally overlooking the good we do for the community on a daily basis.



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  • Worcesterite
    September 5, 2017 at 4:16 am

    Good job kids! :~)

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