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Brockton Assrag Junkbox Who Killed Father Of 3 Driving 80 MPH While Banged Up On A Test Drive Chucks Bird At Arraignment, Teen Mom Army Rushes To His Defense 

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Last week two days before Father’s Day, some punk named Robert Kilday of West Bridgewater was arrested for hitting a well respected and dearly beloved father of three in Brockton and killing him while he was coked up, drunk, smoking weed and on opioids over the weekend. He killed an innocent man and this was his response in court to the charges of motor vehicle homicide, vehicular manslaughter and OUI:

This human garbage was going three times the legal speed limit while on a bender and wisely chose to flip everyone off in the courtroom.

I haven’t seen someone act so disrespectfully since Shiina Dionne broke out the hammer dance on Facebook after killing that guy on 465. Didn’t he get the memo? She was acquitted and still got slammed after pulling that bullshit. You’d think these ratchets would learn! But nope, while at his arraignment, he sat in his little wheelchair and thought to himself “Best. Defense. Ever.”

The Brockton Hub is completely torn up about the loss of Mr. Leite, and understandably so as he seems like he was a really wonderful man, great father and outstanding husband.

Here’s the GoFundMe for the family he left behind. If you can help, please so do by clicking here.

I can’t really say all of The Brockton Hub was saddened by the loss. There were a number of nudinks starting with the “he has the disease” crew…

Disease my ass. Takes on to know one:

He was driving 80 freaking miles per hour in a residential neighborhood!!! Drugs don’t make you do that. Being an asshole makes you do that.

Next up is what appears to be Robert’s buddy claiming that any one of us would have reacted the same way by giving the finger in court.

“Have any of you been to court before.”


Yes. For jury duty. I will never, ever be on that side of the glass for crimes I committed. Ever. I could give a shit less if this makes him feel worse. I want him to feel nothing but pain and misery for the rest of his useless existence. And no one at the Brockton Enterprise is getting rich off of this obviously newsworthy event. It’s a Gatehouse media owned newspaper where I assume most people are two steps above selling food stamps on Facebook.

Although from the looks of it Jon Szwedko looks like he’s not exactly the kind of guy who has to ask for directions about how to get to the courthouse.

“Bitch don’t kill my vibe.”

Nuff said. Moving on to what appears to be a childhood friend:

Bitch, you’re named after a season. Class dismissed.

Newsflash – no one gives a shit if your friend’s feelings are hurt that people are ragging on him on Facebook. They don’t have Facebook where he’s going anyway. How do you think the three children this hard working and loving father feels right now? But yea, we should really be thinking about his murderers feelz. For sure.

Actually Kate Dick-in-some-here Dick-in-some-there, we do have the right to speak badly on his name, and we will. He was driving 80 mph while inebriated and hit a guy pulling into his driveway to bring dinner home two days before father’s day. His kids watched him die. We will judge him, and we will judge trash like you who defends this worthless maggot. But good luck on your eventual teen mom audition tape.

Oh, and you’re a complete hypocrite:

And Bobby’s pals continued to defend him by attacking people for sharing the information about a man who recklessly took a life:

Jason Amatucci – “Bro stand in line their is tons of people waiting on manny mo so we can blast him in the ass.”

Standing in line to blast a man in the ass. No comment.

Gotta love these excuses though. “He wasn’t going 80 mph. The wind made the Saturn collapse.”

Just look at that wreckage photo. God these people are stupid. And this one drives for a living:


It never ceases to amaze me at how the friends of these people can somehow justify any they do. There’s no defending what this kid did, that much should be obvious to anyone. If you do something that ends with the result being a much loved father of three dead, unless it’s been proven in the court of law that you did nothing wrong and it was all a terrible accident that couldn’t be avoided, only then do you whip out the “accidents happen” defense. Even then, you need to show some serious remorse and extend your deepest sympathies to the family, which Robert didn’t do. He was driving recklessly, over the speed limit, incredibly inebriated and pulled this during his arraignment:

Shitstain here was driving the truck, which he was actually test driving and doesn’t even own, and was going so fast and driving so recklessly that he took the roof right off of a car. Look at the damage he did! This car wasn’t a convertible until ass rag got a hold of it. This fully illustrates his complete and utter lack of respect and consideration for human life.

This is Jorge Leite, the victim.

I’m sure his children and family really appreciated the super respectful hand gestures that display how remorseful he is. CBS Boston Had this to say about what happened. “The fatal crash occurred two days before Father’s Day and close to Leite’s home. He was a father of three. A neighbor described him as ‘the nicest guy in the world.’” Leite was pulling into his driveway after going to McDonald’s to pick up food for his family as he did every Friday as a treat. His kids are 16, 15 and 10 years old and has been married to their mom for over 24 years. We here at Turtleboy Sport extend our deepest sympathies to Jorge’s family, who we’ve heard had to see most of what happened due to the close proximity to their house where the crash occurred. Again, if you can donate to his family’s GFM, please do so here.

Look, I can see how someone might have a beer, think they’re alright to drive and get into an accident. That’s why it’s called an accident and in that case it could be considered as much. Personally, I don’t drink when I go out unless Mr. Manchester is driving because I don’t know how long it takes for a couple beers to run through my system before it’s alright to drive. Same goes for any prescribed medications that might impair me or anything else for that matter. I would rather just have my husband drive ,not have to worry about it and not be a danger to myself or others on the road. Robert on the other hand doesn’t care about anyone, even himself. He went out to test drive a truck and got shitty, popped a bunch of pills, smoked the devil’s lettuce and blew a few lines of coke and probably figured that would balance it all out. Like having a coffee after a shot, except dumber. Now he’s temporarily in a wheelchair and a father of three is permanently dead. Nothing else matters.

From what I was on his Facebook page, it’s clear that it was really only a matter of time until this slugrake took a human life:

If you’ve ever celebrated recovery mont on Facebook, there’s a 99% chance you’re gonna relapse in the next 48 hours. That’s just science.

I saw this, as well and it just got me. When you take into consideration that the father he killed was the type who valued his children above all else and the man who took him away from them is sharing memes like this, how can you not be livid?

According to The Enterprise, he was questioned after the accident:

The defendant said, ‘I was being a f—— idiot.’ He wanted to give it a go, regarding test driving the truck to see what it was capable of,” Fahy said, summarizing Kilday’s hospital interview he agreed to with police. “He said he was in a rush to get home. He was driving fast when he saw the victim’s car. He tried to get around it, but couldn’t. He said he had a few shots of Fireball whiskey that day. He claimed he was not drunk, he was OK to drive.

Looks like he didn’t count on a toxicology screen showing that he was a liar. So, he wasn’t out partying, this wasn’t some terrible misjudgement on his part, this was just an every day thing for him. This was his life at age 22. He still could’ve come back from this and actually become a sober functioning person. Jorge was already that person and his family doesn’t get a second chance.


“I am living proof that recovery works”…not in this case. While in the same breath posting this like this:


Like your freedom? Or are you talking about the father after you hit him with a car while blowing a .15 and high on everything? Still, more people came to defend his honor

No, Arianna. Jorge was about to trun into his driveway when this happened. No stop signs or red lights, not that it would matter too, too much in this case as your boy was high as the sky. Apparently his sister took this photo and sent it to his family right after the crash:

The disrespectful and flippant way this kid acts and has always acted just proved that no one should be coming to his defense. Yet here they are, even attacking the guy who’s put Robert Kilday on blast:

The asskicker of all comments defending this monster was Corey White who wisely decided to address the Brockton Hub as a whole in defense of his boy Bobby…

No moron, a lot of us don’t speed around buses. That’s literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on the Brockton Hub. And some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever read has been on the Brockton Hub.

Then again, this is what we’re dealing with:

A grown ass man with a pubestache and the dog filter.

He’s just sayin’… 20 hours after all the evidence came out that he was high, drunk and speeding. The ultimate slap in the face only second to this:

We’re going to end this blog by once again extending our condolences to the family of Jorge. This is a true tragedy that could have been avoided, this man did not deserve this, no one does. A loving father ripped from a wonderful family, and somehow people have defended this terrible, awful scourge on society. Lastly, we urge you once again to please help this family in need who will be struggling emotionally and financially after this terrible loss. Please visit and share the GoFundMe set up for them. May Jorge Leite rest in peace. or Twitter @MTurtlette

19 Comment(s)
  • Timberwolf
    June 30, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    Hey don’t forget that Jon Szwedko was the fucktard that decided swinging an axe at a Brockton cop was a good idea. Ive known him since he was a year old. Hes a worthless fuck

  • Rick Salamander
    June 24, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Reminder – Jon Szwedko earned a blog part take down with his answering the call and the issues on TB Live the other night. FYI.

    • Timberwolf
      June 30, 2018 at 6:15 pm

      Hes also the dumb fuck that swung an axe at a brockton cop and then moved to wareham and got in trouble there. Hes a junkball too.

  • Ray Patriarca
    Ray Patriarca
    June 23, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    Back in the day, this little fanook would be taken out behind the Dry Cleaners and given a good old fashioned South End Shoe -Shine ! Oh, how I long for the Old Days !

  • Hughbo Mont
    June 23, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    “….est 80mph doesn’t mean he was going 80mph…”

    future MSM journalist

    The whole FB thread is more proof we are inundated with shitty parents.

  • June 23, 2018 at 11:54 am

    Here’s some motherly advice for you, Arianna: shut your cock holster, ya rancid ratchet queefbag twatwaffle. This was no accident, he deliberately got all good and jammed up and sped around a bus into a man about to turn in to his driveway to deliver a treat to his family. That man is now dead because this loser cuntflap has no regard for human life. Jorge was everything this kid could ever hope to be, and now he’s gone-ripped from his family by a fucking selfish asshole. There’s no defending that or calling it an accident. Shut. Up. Arianna. Your mother should slap you for being so fucking thick in the skull.

  • robbie watson
    June 22, 2018 at 9:51 pm

    This actually seems like a good gofundme to donate to.

    • June 22, 2018 at 10:26 pm

      Yeah, we included that three times in the blog, but what’s a fourth time?

  • SMH
    June 22, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    There needs to be a remedial class in public schools for those not knowing how to be human beings.

    These waste products sound just like Phocian Fitts who ran down an 80 year old man on a Boston crosswalk. Stupid gave and interview to FOX25 news. “Right now I’m not worried about nothing, I’m not a stone cold killer, I didn’t do nothing on purpose,” said Fitts. “People hit and run people all the time.” Fitts lived in public housing with his mother and drove his Jeep for Uber.

    “I was listening to my music and as I was driving I was driving too quick, I was driving too quick to the point where I couldn’t really stop and it was a green light,” said Fitts. “As the guy was walking, the light was green, I’m driving and pressing the horn, ‘beep beep’ – it was either I was going to die and crash into a pole when it came down to it.”

    • Arianna McGann-Robbins
      June 22, 2018 at 10:32 pm

      Just so we are all clear i never said he was a good person all i said was mistakes happen they are called accidents for a reason never defended him just think its fucked up that every single person has somethijg to say about when they have no part in this both of their families are suffering i was talking for the family not for bobby but again people on the brockton hub are jothing but a bunch of 40 year olds who have nothing better tp do than to talk about people way younger than them to make themselves feel relevent its pretty sad

      • Jo Momma
        June 23, 2018 at 12:31 am

        “… bunch of 40 year olds who have nothing better tp do than to talk about people way younger than them to make themselves feel relevent”

        Isn’t your great-grandma 40 years old?

        It doesn’t matter how old this moron driver was – HE KILLED A MAN. Oh, and he was driving ILLEGALLY, which is ‘relevant’ (as opposed to ‘relevent’). Driving impaired was his choice, speeding was his choice, and making obscene gestures after was his choice – NONE of that was an accident.

        (Pro tip – Sort of like when you are having sex without birth control, it is not an ACCIDENT when you get pregnant. I add that because you and the deceased probably have something in common – three children, except he was married and choose to have his; so look at your own little ‘accidents’ and think about how they’d feel without a father – oh wait – they don’t have any around, right. Well try to imagine and stop trying to make excuses for this murderer).

      • June 23, 2018 at 11:52 am

        Here’s some motherly advice for you, Arianna: shut your cock holster, ya rancid ratchet queefbag twatwaffle. This was no accident, he deliberately got all good and jammed up and sped around a bus into a man about to turn in to his driveway to deliver a treat to his family. That man is now dead because this loser cuntflap has no regard for human life. Jorge was everything this kid could ever hope to be, and now he’s gone-ripped from his family by a fucking selfish asshole. There’s no defending that or calling it an accident. Shut. Up. Arianna. Your mother should slap you for being so fucking thick in the skull.

      • Real_Finn
        June 23, 2018 at 1:46 pm


        Since you know Robert “Bobby” Killpeople (spelling stays) so well, perhaps you can give him a message for me.

        Dear Bobby,

        I cannot wait until you start getting the shakes, sweats, waves of nausea and all the other fun stuff that happens when your body starts to detox involuntarily. Oh, I wish I could see you suffer, cry and ask for your mommy. I wish I could be there to see you shiver and beg for God to make it stop for just a minute — but alas, that won’t happen. Instead, I have to see your ugly mug flipping off the cameras because you think you deserve an iota of respect. YOU DO NOT. You are the type of person that will never get respect or admiration. You’re merely a piece of shit in this world.

        Get Fucked,

        ps — Arianna — get fucked too, you useless twat.

        • June 23, 2018 at 1:50 pm


          Great point in how much he will suffer. Good. I hope he’s currently throwing up everything he’s ever eaten and begging for, but not receiving, mercy. I hope he suffers for his entire miserable existence.
          Arianna is a cunt. Cunty McTwat is her new name.

          Stay Fabulous,

  • TJB
    June 22, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    To the graduates of Brockton High and all new drivers; did he do this on purpose? It doesn’t matter. A man is dead. Just remember this… In a split second this young man’s life was ruined forever. 3 kids are devastated. A wife is a widow. Did he mean to do it? That doesn’t matter.

  • Captain Trips
    June 22, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    In fact I’ll volunteer if they look the other way and ignore this idiot’s screams

  • Captain Trips
    June 22, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    Security at the courthouse and at the jail should take the kid in a private room and beat him to a pulp

    • Screw PC
      June 22, 2018 at 2:15 pm

      I couldn’t be a cop. I would turn my camera off and maul assholes like him to death.

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