All-Star Criminals

Geriatrofabulous Chelsea Boozehound Cuffed And Stuffed After Sixth DUI – This Time On A Scooter; Threatens To Kill Cops, Random Civilians

Fallin’ off the wagon – go big or go home.









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Holla atcha girl:




SOURCE: BOSTON, MA —A Chelsea man with six OUI convictions stretching more than two decades back and a revoked driver’s license was held pending a dangerousness hearing after he allegedly operated a scooter with a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit, and then threatened to shoot “random civilians,” Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said.

State troopers came across a red 2017 Agility scooter stopped along Nonantum Road at about 10:20 last night. The scooter’s lights were off and two men were standing nearby. As troopers approached, the men walked away in different directions.

The first man told troopers that Peter McIsaac, 53, had picked him up on the scooter earlier, and that they had stopped at a liquor store before hanging out together. They were on their way back to McIsaac’s home when the scooter ran out of gas just moments before the troopers arrived, police said.

As troopers spoke to this man, McIsaac allegedly staggered toward them and told them he was the owner of the scooter. The troopers said they immediately noted his slurred speech and detected the strong odor of alcohol as he spoke.

“I’m very intoxicated,” he allegedly added.

When the troopers ran McIsaac’s license status they learned that it had been revoked. Troopers said McIsaac was so unsteady on his feet, field sobriety tests could result in him falling and injuring himself so they skipped that and took him into custody for operating the scooter drunk.

On arrival at the Brighton barracks, McIsaac fell out of the cruiser and needed the officer’s help to stand. He allegedly consented to a breath test, which revealed a BAC of .185, prosecutors said in court.

Following the breath test, McIsaac allegedly became very angry and began threatening troopers, their families, and others. He allegedly stated that he had access to firearms and would “kill 15 people,” including uniformed officers, “random civilians,” and children, because he “was wronged.”

On top of that? McIsaac allegedly urinated throughout his holding cell, requiring the response of a HAZMAT-certified cleaning company.

Peter McIsaac, 53, was arraigned in Brighton Municipal Court today on charges of operating under the influence as a fourth or subsequent offense; negligent operation of a motor vehicle; operating with a revoked license; malicious destruction of property; and making threats of death, injury, or substantial property damage under Ch. 269, Sect. 14, of the Massachusetts General Laws.

At the request of Assistant District Attorney Margaret Hegarty, Judge Myong J. Joun held him without bail pending a July 14 hearing to determine whether there is “clear and convincing evidence that no conditions of release will reasonably assure the safety of any other person or the community.”

It’s been a while since McIsaac was last convicted for operating under the influence. His last OUI conviction from Middlesex County happened 24 years ago. His previous convictions were in 1985, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993, prosecutors said in court.

McIsaac was represented today by attorney Jessica Gallagher”




Just another regular night for a good ol’ Chelsea boy. Alcopops, who looks like he’s a great Irish Catholic, decides to go for a late-night packie run on his scoot mobile and runs outta gas.

The face you make when Wild Irish Rose is life. Benny Boozehound clearly needed the greenbacks he had left to grab a bottle of five buck chuck instead of putting it in his tank.


What’s not clear is why he decided to go on a leisurely scoot down Nonantum Road. That shit stretches from Brighton to Newton and runs parallel to the Charles and the Mass Pike. There is literally nothing on this street except some trees and a walking path. Now… he had a ‘buddy’ with him, in a pretty quiet, almost secluded area at night, lots of tree cover, they picked up a coupla pints o’ fire water and… what? Sat quietly while basking in the putrid aroma of car exhaust from the Pike and dead bodies emanating from the Charles?



Naaaaah. Alcopops was about to go to pound town on the bologna baton express and was rudely interrupted by MSP in the process. Gosh, Troopers – can’t you see he needed a little poke and tickle to sober up?

Nothing wrong with a little masculine pickle smooch among a copse of trees every now and again, amirite?


After the popo roll up on Alcopops and his boy toy, he gets pissed and starts threatening to kill “15 people” including kids because he was wronged – 15 is such an arbitrary number, like, why not 16? Make it nice and even. He’s all “I may not be able to stand, but damn it, I have access to GUNS!” Uh huh… sure bub. I know when I am interrupted mid-coitus I become combative, so I can kinda understand where he’s coming from. Like hey, I was just participating in gland-to-gland combat, if you ain’t pitchin’ in, mooooove bitch, get out the way.


Once back at the Brighton barracks, Alcopops couldn’t contain his withered bladder. Or, he was simply trying to pass the time with tricks

As far as I know, jail cells are pretty standardized and usually have access to a shining aluminum throne/sink combo like this

So there was hardly any excuse to piss on every inch of his holding cell. It was so bad they had to call in a hazmat company to clean up. The musty, failing-kidney urine smell must’ve rivaled the scent at Revere Beach during low tide and I pity the poor bastards who had to walk by and catch a whiff of his cell.


After his evening golden shower event, Grampa Chuggles goes to court and ends up getting held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing. It took 6 times, but, I think the court FINALLY got it right. It should be noted that his last offense was nearly a quarter century ago – so it looks like he got on the wagon for a time before he fell off on his face, tumbled down a hill and landed in a pile of used needles. Or he was just really great at hiding it. Either way, I’m glad this scootin’, shootin’ menace is off the streets… for now.


3 Comment(s)
  • Wabbitt
    July 12, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    How did this schmuck stay out of trouble for almost a quarter century?

  • Lou P
    July 11, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    I wonder if the scooter was really out of gas. Wish the police had verified it.
    His family must be proud.
    He seems like the type of guy where civilized society on Earth would be better off if he was shipped to the moon. Nobody would miss him.

  • grimreaper
    July 11, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    53 looks 83 he has officially wasted his life.

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