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Junkbox Dickbag Deluxe Lets Toddler Swallow So Much Heroin The Kid Needed A Narcan Drip

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This is some really sad shit coming out of New Bedford, and OF COURSE this happened in N.B. because where else would it happen? A 21 month old toddler somehow managed to swallow a piece of a plastic baggy that contained a shit fuck ton (in my house, that’s an actual unit of measurement) of heroin and fentanyl. How do we know it was a shit fuck ton? This tidbit from South Coast Today:

“The 21-month-old was given multiple doses of Narcan and transported to St. Luke’s Hospital, where police said traces of fentanyl were found in his system, court records say.

The boy was flown by medical helicopter to Boston Children’s Hospital and given a Narcan drip, and a spokeswoman said Friday the child is no longer a patient there.”

Whaaat? How insane is that!? Kids that age (and presumably as neglected with a junkbox Narcanista mom that would let him eat her drugs) are fucking tiny! One would imagine that a single dose of Narcan would be enough to rouse the lil bastard, but this kid needed MULTIPLE doses and a friggin Narcan drip! That’s insane.

Now everyone, I’m sure, is wondering what kind of fupafied Fentafucked losah is letting her baby eat her drugs and Facebook said this very, very originally named shitbird right here is Saranah Raposa:

When the fuck was that taken, 1999!? That was the last time literally any of this was OK.

She should have the two kids she has with no verified baby daddy taken away on the count of making her baby wearing a flat brimmed hat. No, it isn’t a Bulls sportsball cap under that gigantic fucking start I put over EVERY kid’s face (STFU you little bitches who act like we put kids on blast for their parent’s mistakes) but it’s bad enough.

Pro Tip: If the picture is a little bit blurry but clear enough to see a hot chick like this:

In reality the chick looks like this:

And if y’all meet up, you’ll be like this:

Just sayin’.

I can’t imagine a scenario in which my children would have gotten a hold of any illicit substances, let alone shit that would have killed them via skin contact. Then again, I’m not a selfish asshole who still acts like I don’t have children, nor am I an asshole who acts like I’m not responsible for them.

Here’s a crazy idea. If you’re gonna be a junkbox, or any other kind of douche, don’t have kids. You clearly can’t handle that kind of responsibility, and you don’t even want to try, so wrap that shit up when you engage in gland to gland combat. If you do get pregnant, give the thing you view as a screaming football to LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU. They’d be better off being raised by a fucking kangaroo. I’m not even joking, kangaroos have little safe pouches and shit built into their bodies they keep their babies in. They’ll hop around with your baby and everything with be cool. Hell, that kid would be fucking awesome as a basketball player what with all the jumping.

Question: How come every photo this chick has looks like it was taken on a Motorola Razor?


Now, before all the SJWs get their panties in a bunch and start calling me racist or whateverthefuck by assuming she doesn’t have a certified baby daddy, lemme just share her profile pic with y’all AND the comments:

Because I know as a mom with a certified baby daddy, I post pics that make my friends identify my “chair” as “a guy” with no name. Usually it would be the baby daddy/boyfriend/husband and/or man who wifed her up identified by name, but not today!

Look, obviously this woman is trash. Obviously this broad needs to be put down like a dog that got into your post surgery pain medication stash. Why do these kids have to suffer for her selfish bullshit? Thankfully DCF wasn’t fucking useless this time:

The state Department of Children and Families responded and took custody of her 4-year-old son and will assist with the custody of the 21-month-old, according to court records.

The state Department of Children and Families responded and took custody of her 4-year-old son and will assist with the custody of the 21-month-old, according to court records


Thank ya sweet baby Jesus! They actually did something for once!

Oh yeah, btw they way, there’s a warrant out for this bitch:

She is charged with reckless endangerment to a child under 18, possession of heroin and assault and battery on a child with substantial bodily injury, court records say. Raposa lives with the child.

Raposa is not in custody and New Bedford police have a warrant for her arrest, according to the clerk’s office at New Bedford District Court


So if you know her whereabouts, call the New Bedford police. This woman is a danger to herself, but more importantly she’s a danger to everyone around her. She can go straight to hell, which is where’s she’s heading anyway.



7 Comment(s)
  • Yuck
    September 3, 2018 at 7:32 am

    Meh, just another cum receptacle. Nothing going for her but a pair of DSLs (dick sucking lips) and no scruples. Throw in an extra bag of junk and she’ll let you stick it in her used up asshole. Don’t be raw- dogging her though, she is fertile and you don’t want that kind of trophy with this scag (or the plethora of STDs she carries).

    • Running hard
      September 3, 2018 at 10:34 am

      While her man is drunk she is banging her dealer for free dope. This girl has a lot of secrets. She didn’t just relapse, she was never anything but a junkie. She uses her baby to rob stores by hiding stuff in the stroller, Oh and that was her hiding spot for other things as well. So it’s not too hard to figure out where the baby got mama’s dope. I wonder if her man can taste the her dealers sperm when he kisses her? Maybe the booze and Newport’s block the taste. This chick pretty much killed her baby. By the grace of god he lived, but what will his future be like? Is he okay? Did he loose oxygen? All cause mama needed that fix. Why did can’t you at least love your children enough to keep your shit out of their reach. Not hidden in their crib or stroller. That’s just disgusting.

  • Not wid my dick
    September 2, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    She gotta learn which lips she should be taking the loads in.

  • Holy spelling errors
    September 2, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Jesus fuckin Christ were you drunk when you wrote this?? Lol sooooo many spelling errors and mistakes. Even New Bedford wasn’t capitalized,laziness? Or you drank too much haha

    • Don't Be A Lickspittle
      September 2, 2018 at 9:05 pm

      Those who choose to be the grammar police, should have a basic grasp of grammar.

  • Judge dread
    September 2, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    My friends make sure the wood chippers are full of gas and are ready to go. We have some ratchets to process.

    • Don't Be A Lickspittle
      September 2, 2018 at 9:02 pm

      Those who choose to be the grammar police, should have a basic grasp of grammar.

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