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Kevin Ribeiro, The Notorious Plymouth Handyman Scammer, Tried To Tell His Victims, Who Called Him Out After Our Blog About Him, That It Was Their Fault He Took Their Money And Ran

Just as I knew it would, the flood gates have been opened on Plymouth scam artist Kevin Ribeiro.
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I doubt that you missed my blog earlier this week on King Dingleberry Kevin Ribeiro. Just in case you did:


Plymouth “Handyman” Kevin Ribeiro Is Probably The Most Diabolically Manipulative Scammer We’ve Ever Seen And He’s Advertising On Every Town Page Ever Created To Steal Your Cash

The silly crack muffin had even deactivated his business page for a few days. It’s back up now and most people were wondering how he could have five stellar reviews if he was a scam artist.

Well, when you know that you’ve taken people’s hard earned cash, you block them from your personal and business account, which makes it impossible to leave a review. The first person who knows Kevin has robbed someone is Kevin. Kevin will block people before they can trash his business. If you think this guy has an LLC you’ve fallen for another line. He can’t even legally drive!  He’s not just a scam artist – he’s a really good scam artist! It just be nice to finally be good at something, huh? Loser.

I even asked the dingleberry to show us his blocked list from his business page. Shocker. He ignored my request.

Before I get to the flood of complaints I expected to come in – I’m going to cover the scam that I didn’t know about. The one where he lures you in with his sob story and calls days later to borrow some money.

It’s not just about taking money for a job well done with him. On the rare chance that he did show up – while he is at your house, trying to fix your shit, he is giving you his sob story about how sad his life is. He manages to fix your lawnmower. You pay him. You think he’s gone.

Nope, good ol Kevin will call you the next day, or a few days later, to give you some winding excuse as to why you should loan him some money.

“Hi, this is Kevin. Remember me? Yeah, I fixed your lawnmower. I know you don’t know me that well but I really feel like we bonded when I was crying in to your carburetor. My daughter, the one that I told you about, well we can’t afford her medicine. I don’t know what to do. I have a job coming up and was wondering if I could borrow $50 until Friday. No? Did I mention my dog was dying?” 

Or his dog dying.

Or his kid needed diapers and food.

Or Christmas presents…

The minute you give Kevin any attention he treats you like his new cash cow. He will never pay you back and then block you online when you try to get what’s yours.

Even the guy that runs All Things Plymouth, Who HATES Turtleboy, left our blog up because he had been scammed by Kevin! (Tim, quit being such a hypocrite dude. I do my homework and my blogs are legit.)

I have to admit that I’m darkly amused at the extent that Kevin will go to get a buck out of people. His entire loser life is all about scraping together whatever he can on a day to day basis. It’s typical addiction behavior. He’s always the victim. Just look at his pathetic responses.
The first thing that started to show up after the blog hit, was a handful of people saying that I had been fed a load of bullshit by Kevin’s ex. It’s almost like he had seen Turtleboy coming and began to cover his tracks before it even hit. The people defending him all had the same excuse for his poor behavior. It was almost verbatim.
While I don’t usually give out my sources – I feel very comfortable in saying that I did not speak to any of his ex’s family. I had twelve sources (none related to one another) that each shared their experiences. I’ve been getting emails about him since Christmas.
There were people who had a decent experience with him. The point I would like to make here is just because he did one good job and didn’t fuck YOU over – doesn’t mean that all of the people who have been screwed over by him are lying. As I stated in yesterday’s blog – 15% of the time he would show up and get the job done. He would just size you and your home up for later pickings while he was there.

Another question came up about why people hadn’t pressed charges. Well, it’s because they would have to take him to small claims court and that’s the biggest joke around. Even if they managed to sue him it would be like getting blood from a stone.

Of course Kevin disagreed, or made excuses, or passed the blame to the people he bled dry, for everything I said about him. He even tried to do some damage control on the Carver town page. 
Hey Dingelberry, I’m a chick.

So Kevin seems to think this was all the act of one person who was out to get him. Holy delusional. He actually thinks that this is a giant conspiracy by the southern half of the state colluded about in order to destroy him. It’s wild to me to think that publicly stating his theory, and having it make sense to him, is easier to admit that he’s a drug addict and needs help.

What do you think?

Don’t fucking hire this guy. Don’t make friends with this guy. For the love of all things holy just run him out of fucking town.

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  • Jeff
    July 9, 2020 at 10:38 am

    He’s still at it. I found his Small Engine Repair ad on Craigslist and he came over to fix the blades on my lawnmower on June 13, 2020. I should have known it was a scam when he forgot to bring a large enough wrench. He said he gave me a full tuneup, but needed to come back after I bought new blades. He charged me $420 for the tuneup and the return trip. After blowing me off on at least 5 days over the course of 2 weeks, I bought a wrench and fixed the damn lawnmower myself. I asked for a $100 refund and was ignored. I reported him to the Mass Sec of State for operating a fake business and Mass unemployment fraud dept since he is probably collecting unemployment. Consumer Affairs recommended that I report him to the local police in Plymouth.

    • Jo
      March 2, 2021 at 12:45 pm

      He’s still scamming. Anyone want to get a class action suit together and get rid of him?

  • Suzie
    July 5, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    I’m fairly new to “TurtleBoy” , but is it possible, that Kevin Riberio & Dylan and Kiwi the “Plymouth Freeloaders”, aka “Dumpster Slugs”, may be somehow related?? Just asking

  • ShitisRidiculous
    June 29, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    Took money from my friend 3 times for a “snowblower repair”, and still never fixed it.

    She felt bad because she thought he was special needs.

    • The Executioner
      June 30, 2017 at 3:53 pm

      She was right! Special Ed’s Repair Biznes, operated by Kevvy Ribeiro.

  • Suzie
    June 29, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Well, if the Truth” wins, guess you lose big time, you degenerate. By the way, maybe you should go back to grade school, and learn how to spell! Burry ,i.e. bury; bisnis, i.e. business!

  • Johnny5
    June 29, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    surprised no one killed this guy yet. He’s bound to fuck with the wrong person sooner or later.

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