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Legendary Quincy Junkboxes Arrested Sleeping In Their Own Piss And Poo While Living In North Quincy High School

Legendary Quincy Junkboxes Arrested Sleeping In Their Own Piss And Poo While Living In North Quincy High School

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SOURCE: On Aug. 21, school resource officers were notified by North Quincy High custodial staff that Keith Rebori, 29, and Deena Lecorte, 25, had been living and defecating on the school’s loading dock and driveway, court records show. Each morning, the custodial staff would tell the two that they could not sleep there and must leave. “The couple had become confrontational of late” and the custodians were requesting police assistance, court records show. Multiple calls to police were made in August and September to report that the two were sleeping on the dock. On Aug. 31 an officer found them there and pointed out a sign that said “School Personnel ONLY” and had them leave. Around 6 a.m. on Sept. 16, a school custodian drove up and saw Rebori defecating on the driveway of the dock before he and Lecorte fled the area, court records show. On Wednesday, shortly before 6 a.m., Quincy Police officers received a call from a different custodian and responded to find Rebori and Lacorte sleeping on the dock with “piles of feces around them,” court records show. They were both placed under arrest.

This is Keith Lebori and Deena Lacorte, now forever known as the Quincy Crappers:

Drugs apparently take you to strange places in life, a fact which Turtleboy exposes on a daily basis.

Drugs may cause you to sell your body, food stamps, and even live among human feces.

While I’m sure Deena Lecorte and Keith Rebori didn’t set out to live on the loading dock at North Quincy High School, let’s just say they made themselves at home there.

These two junk buckets were arrested for, and I shit you not, defecating and living on the aforementioned loading dock at North Quincy High. The real kicker here is how defensive these two became when school personnel attempted to remove them from their crap den. How dare they put up a sign in an effort to thwart our public defecating?!

From the sound of the news report, they seemed to have been acting as lookouts for each other every time they pinched a loaf. That’s the essence of true love right there. When you find that special someone who will stand guard while you drain the ol’ logcutter, you don’t just let them go that easily. Sounds like Keith found himself a keeper!

Well, the well-meaning sign posted by school personnel didn’t make much of an impact on Ms. Lacorte and Mr. Rebori, who continued on in their scatalogical efforts while remaining on the school’s loading dock.

All jokes aside, this is truly disgusting. You’d like to think you could send your kid to school without them being subjected to the dregs of society crapping and sleeping on school grounds.

Things have gotten so bad in Massachusetts that addicts will come to your towns’ high school, set up shop, and proceed to litter the place with human excrement. There truly is no shame anymore as these folks have become empowered by their addiction, constantly bemoaning and blaming “the disease” while failing to acknowledge the source. And they get plenty of vocal support from those who coddle them and reinforce the fact that it’s the “disease’s” fault, not the addicts.

This isn’t Ancient Rome when people just threw buckets of human waste out of the window from lack of plumbing and running water. These are two people, living at a high school and using it as their own personal crap shack.

The best part is they’re not even homeless!! Both of them had Quincy addresses in the news report. I’m almost positive that if these two got clean from drugs (and perhaps a refresher course in personal hygiene), their families would more than likely welcome them back home.

The two were ultimately charged with trespassing and vandalism with a noxious/filthy substance.

It wouldn’t be a Turtleboy blog if we didn’t dig a little deeper here. Turns out, Keith Rebori is a Pennsylvania native who left his birth certificate behind after robbing a pharmacy of 800 OxyContin back in 2011.

This guys entire criminal career is a complete joke. Robs pharmacy, leaves behind birth certificate. Moves to Massachusetts, lives in high school loading dock covered in his feces.

As for his crap queen, she has a few Google trophies of her own:

What a surprise, possession of a class A substance!

Something tells me that this won’t be the last time we will be hearing (and writing about) these two goons. When you use a high school as your own personal outhouse/bedroom, nothing is sacred.



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