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  • New Bedford Beefhole Kills Upstairs Neighbor, Stabs Dog, Posts On Facebook Hours Later About Moving Out Of Shithole Neighborhood Where People Get Stabbed 

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    Last week a woman was stabbed to death in her 3rd floor apartment in New Bedford, along with her adorable doggy:

    WPRIThree people have been arrested and charged in an attack that left a Wareham woman dead and her dog suffering from stab wounds, the office of Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III announced Monday. Massachusetts State Police troopers and New Bedford police detectives took Robert Viveiros, Kenneth Roark and Olivia Alves into custody Monday in connection with the death of 34-year-old Chantel Bruno.

    In the early morning hours of Jan. 22, Bruno was found bleeding and screaming outside 387 Ashley Blvd. in New Bedford, police said. She was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital, where she died around 2:30 a.m. Bruno’s dog Lolita survived the stabbing and is now recovering after receiving stitches. Bruno’s dying wish was for Lolita to be taken care of, according to her family, so the Coalition for Animals of Greater New Bedford is raising money to cover the cost of the dog’s medical expenses, which has already exceeded $1,000.

    Viveiros, 47, of 387 Ashley Blvd., was charged with murder, armed home invasion, animal cruelty, obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

    Roark, 45, of 66 Birchwood Drive, was charged with murder, armed home invasion, animal cruelty and conspiracy.

    Alves, 29, of 387 Ashley Blvd., was charged with obstruction of justice.

    So this beefhole Robert Viveiros and his biker buddy Kenny Roark allegedly invaded this woman’s apartment.

    And Viveiros lives at that same address. On January 17, 5 days before the murder, he posted this video of a woman who is obviously INSANE, going nuts in her apartment:

    But according to people commenting on the video, that was not the victim, Chantel Bruno:

    So who the hell knows why they stabbed this woman and her dog.

    The irony here is that the State Police have investigated her murder and arrested the alleged perpetrators, despite the fact that she seemed to subscribe to the “fuck the po-lease” philosophy while she was alive:

    In the comments underneath that video he complains about the New Bedford Police too:

    Yea, I guess they’re not quick to respond to crazy skeeveballs wilin out. Unfortunately for you they will respond quickly to a murder though.

    Here’s the really fucked up part – she was stabbed at around 1:30 AM on January 22. Look what beefhole posted eight hours later:

    Obviously he was referencing the fact that his apartment had made the news as the location of New Bedford’s latest stabbing of the month. And this buttnut had the nerve to go on Facebook and start playing the whole, “someone got stabbed here last night and decent folk like me can’t get any sleep” card:

    Balls on this guy.

    Since then the fam has started shaking up the ratchet 8 ball and seeing what comes up. The verdict? “Don’t talk shit or comment if you don’t know the facts or the truth.”

    Hey Shelby, here’s a fact – if the State Police spent a week investigating this and feel like they have enough evidence to make an arrest, then he probably did it. FACKS!

    Later on in the day he talked about moving out of this “shithole”:

    See? It’s OK for people who live in shitholes to admit that they live in a shithole. Even if it’s a shithole that you helped turn into a shithole by stabbing your neighbor to death. No wonder he wants to move – he’s trying to flee the scene of the crime.







    Anyway, the lessons learned here are the following:

    1. Don’t murder people.
    2. Don’t post on Facebook after murdering people.
    3. Don’t live in New Bedford.

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    1. The Big D

      Have them invade my house. I’ll shoot the wanna be Hell’s Angels dickheads, place their corpses on their bikes, and torch the bikes.

      Cowardly dickheads. Let me take care of them.

      1. Pitbull

        Tough talk from a fake name,

        Yours trully,
        Peter Bro

    2. juror seven esq.

      I think Robert has a solution to where his new address will be, Cedar Junction. Subsidized housing, meals included.
      One thing about that chick in this crew, impressive set of high beams she’s flashing.

    3. What happened to TB

      Some of the things on TB the last few weeks are just crazy….”If the MSP spent a week investigating and had enough evidence to make an arrest; he probably did it”

      Huh….the wrong people are arrested quite often (ie ten percent is quite often)….and let’s face it the MSP is one of the most corrupt law enforcement agencies in the country….

      I’m not bashing cops; most do a great job….but the organization itself has massive problems from their drug labs to shooting old woman while hunting to altering police reports….

      the list goes on and on….

      If this guy did it…..feed him to the sharks….but he still gets his day in court

      1. What happened to go fuck yourself

        Shut the fuck up loser

    4. W

      Lol. That’s not Olivia.

    5. CICI

      you guys used the wrong profile page for this post. if you guys looked at my age on facebook you would see that im only 19 not 29. also my name isnt Olivia Alves its Cici Alves oliveira. Also i dont even like in that area where the post says i live.

      1. Rochambeau

        In which area do you like?

        Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time TBS misidentified someone from facebook. Enjoy your accidental fame.

        1. Cici

          i didnt double check my spelling cause i was so mad about them using my facebook page.

          1. FIFI

            First DIDI now CICI…. not buying it, what’s next BIBI?

      2. Boxer

        Cool story.

    6. The Big D

      ‘Also i dont even like in that area where the post says i live.’

      Learn English asshole

      1. Cici

        big deal i spelled something wrong because im aggravated and didn’t double check my spelling. that still doesn’t change the fact that they posted the wrong person.

    7. Hugh Jass

      DeDe Delgado kicked TB’s rear end and torpedoed his FB biz plan, leaving him crying and whining about lawsuits and such. What a eunuch. DeDe embarrassed him.

      1. BOB bacon

        Dildo Delgado is only embarrassing to herself.

      2. JoeMomma

        Yet here you are riding the Turtle……..thanks for the page views. TB loves your cash.

    8. The Big D

      The middle finger chick could use a big load on her face from my yogurt cannon

    9. KAYLYNN

      this is the entirely wrong girl!

    10. What a tool

      Disgusting goober, he got his ink, his Hawley Davison, cigarette, plastic helmet and leather vest, vroom vroom!! The average high school soccer player would kick his butt.

      Scary biker men kill women and stab dogs. He will be somebody’s bitch where he’s going, he can’t wear his biker costume to show the other inmates how strong he is.

      1. Douche Davidson

        “like your cut bro” I hope to never hear such dumb words. Wtf are these people serious? Motorcycle people take themselves much too seriously almost as bad as cat rescuers.

        1. Lt Dan

          These “bikers” with their silly vests are overgrown children.

          1. Boxer

            LOL – while I agree with your sentiments when it comes to this Skirtster riding fruit in this story, none of you would ever in a billion years have the nuts to say this to 1%-er’s face. Let’s be honest here, internet toughs.

            1. Pitbull

              He never was a 1%er

          2. Pitbull

            Look man,I am a biker and I hate that we are always portrayed as dumb, grimy, criminals. I belong to BACA Bikers Against Child Abuse and I LOVE THE CUT THAT I HAVE EARNED! WE do what all of you who are shitting on bikers TALK about! WE are FEDERALLY BACKGROUND CHECKED BY THE FIB BEFORE WE CAN EVEN BEGIN OUR JOURNEY IN BACA. How would your prints come out… judging a book by it’s cover shows nothing but illiteracy! I WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE ENEMIES OF THOSE WHO HARM CHILDREN

          3. Pitbull

            How the f is he a “biker”??? Just cuz there’s a pic of him on a bike? You’re laughable!

          4. Pitbull

            So are bullies with badges ,”lt. dan”

        2. Pitbull

          I take my cut, my brother’s, my sisters and the children we look after VERY SERIOUS….What do you do?

        3. Pitbull

          What do YOU do to better the world around you? DOUCHE?

    11. Hugh Jass

      My best pal DeDe says TB put up less of a fight than a 90 lb. weakling. Her smackdown of TB and his moronic readers left TB with no biz. None. Snicker. TB poked the bear, and the bear wiped TB out.

    12. Troopers are your Best Protection

      Cue the Benny Hill music.

    13. troopers are you best protection

      They tried to blame the deceased victims.

    14. Cawfe

      ‪Robert Viveiros has prior convictions for larceny from a building, breaking and entering and rape of a child.‬
      Credit: wbsm

      maybe he’d be welcome at the tent city in Northampton ‬

    15. Boxer

      HAHAHA – the douche drives a Skirtster!! My girlfriend drives a bigger bike!

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