• Palmer Junkie Slugrake, Who Terrorized A Disabled Vietnam Vet With A Series Of Break Ins, Was Out Of Jail For Two Days Before Striking Vet’s House AGAIN And Robbing Him A Fourth Time

    You guys won’t believe this but the Palmer Junkie, who robbed a Vietnam Veteran of his entire pension, is out of jail and guess where he decided to strike first.

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    That’s right, it took Chris Champney, the infamous junkie slugrake, two days of being out jail and he went right back to Stephen Joley’s house and robbed the decorated Vietnam war veteran.

    Read the first blog, which aided in the apprehension of Champney last time, here.

    Champney is actually staking out this disabled veteran’s home.

    If you guys remember, Stephen Joley’s daughter, Stephanie, had started a GoFundMe to get him a security system. Turtleriders raised a good bit of money, to let this poor man have some comfort in his own home, after being terrorized with break-ins. However, Chris managed to make it through the one window that they couldn’t afford sensors for. (You can donate here to help.) Champney was caught on CCTV breaking in to the house two minutes after Stephen left the day before yesterday. He stopped at one point to stare at the camera and loudly inquire if the camera was an alarm. He kept going.

    We need to find this guy…. AGAIN.

    Stephen is terrified in his own home and the Palmer police are stretched so thin that they can’t send someone to sit outside his house to protect him. Something has GOT to be done.

    If you see this dickwad please call 911 and let them know where he is.



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    1. Mark D

      good job by the judge for letting him out

    2. Linda

      Firsties again?
      This person needs the rest of his teeth bashed out.

      1. Linda

        damn. Sloppy seconds. Oh well, no lube needed.

    3. Turd Burglestein

      This guy reminds me alot of an old boyfriend I had. Same heroin and crack cocaine habit too. I’m gonna have to go back to that spot in the woods and see if the grave is still intact. I could’ve sworn he wasn’t breathing when I dumped him.

      1. ZephyrCat

        I am probably even a bigger moron than bobnmic ever was. I know I have a smaller dick than him though.

        1. Turd Burglestein

          Go easy on yourself Zephyr. You might have a small dick but at least you can use yours. Shit, mine is just for decoration. I used one of those dick enlarging pump machines. What a waste of money. Sure it’s longer but it just flaps around like a windsock. Matter of fact that’s the only time it looks stiff is when I walk outside naked on a really windy day.

    4. wabbitt

      I’m thinking some 45 caliber protection is in order. Give this shitstain some extra brain ventilation and he’ll never break into another house again.

    5. paul

      What really pisses me off is that this shit head is back on the streets. Someone needs to throw him a beating to keep him out of circulation for a while

    6. Independent Thinker

      What is our society becoming? How can someone like this be let out, only to go back and do the same thing again, to the same person.

      Why even waste the time arresting him again? A better idea might be to have the police simply drop him off in an area where some good ole’ boys can teach him some manners.

      Just another reason why everyone should be armed. You should be allowed to have any type of gun in your own home without a permit. The government shouldn’t be telling you what you can and cannot have in your own home. Out in public it’s a different matter, but in your own home, it should be nobody’s business. More needs to be done to allow us to protect ourselves from trash.

      1. Jad1029

        He’s defiantly in the wrong but that doesn’t mean he should be shot or dead. Defiantly taught a lesson but extreme violence isn’t right. We have cops and prison for this type of crime. If any violence is deserved on his behalf maybe something more suitable to fit the crime like broken fingers would suffice. Just saying human life is precious. He could change, I doubt it but who knows it could happen.

        1. Independent Thinker

          Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree. Anyone who robs the same person’s house FOUR times doesn’t deserve to live. There is no worse feeling than coming home and realizing that someone broke into your house, invaded your privacy, and stole from you. Not to mention the fear that they might just return, which is exactly what happened THREE more times.

          Let’s see if he goes for #5.

    7. La Migra

      I think he needs to be deported to the center of the Pacific Ocean…

    8. ImNewHere

      If i see this piece of human garbage i aint turnin him in, im turnin him inside out. Scumfuck.

      1. Rick

        Needs to get a dozen or so bikers to sit in the house till he shows up again. That should stop his visits.

    9. True Reality Speaks

      Someone should go down to the local VFW and let the boys there know what’s happening to one of their brothers-in-arms. Arrange a welcome party for the next time he shows up. This scumbag needs to to be taught a lesson he will never forget – and no cops, either.

    10. Specter25

      I’ll post up at his house, I’m a vet and this ass hat needs to be beat with doorknobs

    11. Heather M.

      I am confused. Does your Dad live in Springfield or Palmer?

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