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Slugpump Breaking Into Homes In Boxboro Doesn’t Realize He’s On Candid Camera, Anyone Recognize This Guy?

Slugpump Breaking Into Homes In Boxboro Doesn’t Realize He’s On Candid Camera, Anyone Recognize This Guy?

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BOXBOROUGH — Chief Warren B. Ryder reports that the Boxborough Police Department is actively searching for a man involved in a daytime breaking and entering, and is seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspect. On Friday, July 29, at approximately 5:44 p.m., Boxborough Police were dispatched to a residence on Depot Road for a report of a break-in. According to police, the resident left earlier that day and upon returning home, observed that the house had been ransacked. An initial investigation revealed that the suspect gained entry to the home by cutting a hole in the screen of a basement level window, pulling the screen out and opening the unlocked window. The suspect is described as a white male and appears to have a full-sleeve tattoo on his right arm, and another tattoo on his left triceps.

Anyone know this asshole?

He might have that “disease” that’s been going around. If he lives in the Boxboro area and he’s robbing homes then there’s a good chance he worked on Jamie Eldridge’s reelection campaign. Guaranteed this wasn’t his first or last robbery. This is just who this guy is at this point. He will always be a criminal and he is beyond redemption. If you know who he is please let the BPD know, or just let us know so we can blow up his spot. That would be way more fun and the BPD would obviously find out that way too.

Nothing worse than coming home and finding out your house has been robbed. Happened to me one time in Worcester. I had no idea my apartment had been robbed until a couple hours after I got home and I went to blaze up. Mother fucker took my bowl and my stash. He left the TV and of course my books. He didn’t trash the place which is why I didn’t realize anything was gone. I finally realized that he only took the stash, my PS2, and all my DVDs and games (this was back in the day of course).

Turns out he previously had worked on the two home apartment building as a painter. He skoped the place out, came through my bedroom window, took the purple haze, and gtfo. The Worcester Police fingerprint guy came over, took the prints from my bedroom window (which were angled to prove that he came from the outside, because he later claimed in court that his prints were in the house because he had painted it) and I didn’t hear from them for six months. Then this asshole committed a home invasion on Wildwood Ave, got arrested, and his prints immediately came up in the system.

His name was Vincent Tiscione from Leicester. Google him. He’s in Walpole right now for a long, long time because assholes can’t stop being assholes. Guaranteed whoever this guy is who broke into this house in Boxboro is another Vincent Tiscione.


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3 Comment(s)
  • The Executioner
    August 3, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    What does this dude think he’s Dexter or something with the gloves? You know what works better than fingerprints? You face on video! Loser. Only a matter of time before you meet Bubba and have to think about the price you pay…

  • Coach
    August 3, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Coach says: Would be a real shame if he stumbled into the home of a napping resident who just happened to believe in the 2nd amendment.

    • True Reality Speaks
      Maura Healey
      August 3, 2017 at 9:15 pm

      But then I’d let the robber off and prosecute the peon that dared to exercise their natural rights in my fiefdom. And I’d sue the manufacturer of the firearm, too.

      Keep voting for me, dummiecrats!

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