The MSM Stole Another Story From Us, But I’m Actually Not That Mad, Because Mike Cadena Is Losing His Mind, And Making Up Internet Lawsuits Like Every Other Ratchet We Expose

The MSM Stole Another Story From Us, But I’m Actually Not That Mad, Because Mike Cadena Is Losing His Mind, And Making Up Internet Lawsuits Like Every Other Ratchet We Expose


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Michael Cadena has panned out to be the gift that just keeps on giving. He started out as just a story about after how contacting us to write about his son multiple times, none of his claims make much sense or held up to scrutiny. Things took a turn for the confirmed scam when his people insisted I hadn’t researched enough, and sent us documentation that the abuse claims were bullshit. Then he got sprung from the pen and loudly proclaimed his abject innocence and court corruption, although plenty of evidence existed to the contrary. He even got us to the front page of Reddit. where we got torn to shreds for running adverts. What a guy. But even Reddit had to agree with our research and conclusion.

And he has the most glassy eyed, scumfaced mug shot that I have seen in a while:


The jail look suits you.


Then, yesterday, this happened:




“McLean County has heightened security for a judge who has received more than a dozen threats following her ruling in a child custody case.

Associate Judge Lee Ann Hill awarded custody of 4-year-old Mikey Cadena to his mother in June in a case that has sparked lots of attention on various social media, blogs and YouTube.

McLean County trial court administrator Will Scanlon said the court received possibly as many as two dozen voicemails, letters and social media messages that were threatening in nature.

“We received in a period of less than three days over 100 voicemails (after the ruling) and have received some since,” Scanlon said.

“She has received some email and she has received some letters regarding the case, particularly the voicemail, where the sender believes they are more anonymous, have included threats against herself.”

Scanlon said the McLean County sheriff’s office is investigating the threats.

Threatening a public official in Illinois is a Class 3 felony, punishable by 2 to 5 years in prison or probation.”



Which is riveting news, that I already reported 3 days ago. Nice of WGLT to link my blog, but what do we even expect at this point? The main stream media loves to rip off our stories, and I guess now it’s happening interstate. I’m actually pretty flattered. And it was actually sort of nice, to have my report legitimized by a corroborating story from an unrelated source. I still wouldn’t be opposed to riders jumping over into their comments and gently reminding them to link the blog that broke the story, though.

But because Mikey-Mike and his nutty bunch are just so generous to us, they haven’t stopped acting completely fucking insane, despite everything I publish panning out to be accurate and presented with irrefutable evidence.


I love how they’re all doubting that the sheriff’s department is going to investigate these calls, even though that is their explicit job, and they clearly stated they were. Why else do you think they are screening the calls?? Jesus, Mary and Joseph. This guy is the pied piper of the mentally incompetent. I simply cannot fathom the complicated mental gymnastics it requires to arrive at this conclusion that this guy is totally in the right here, let alone the second coming of Christ.


Yep. Perfectly sane explanation, nothing to see here. It’s obviously Amber Buck’s “people” pretending to be his “people”, and nothing to do with the thousands of nutjobs posting threatening statements about the judge in the comments because this schmuck is falsely alleging that the judge handed a child over to a sexual abuser. These people don’t threaten anyone, after all.


Gee Mike, you sure are keeping Mikey “safe”, eh?


At one point when this all started, I was really set on showing people the truth as I uncovered it in the hopes of saving them the embarrassment and anger of one day waking up and realizing that they had been duped by a manipulative and vindictive con-man into supporting an unconscionable legally motivated smear campaign and wasted their money on this crap. But after a month of sifting through crap like this:


I don’t particularly care to sway the hearts and minds of any crazies, because, frankly I think they’re happy like this. These are the kind of women who cry at a few minutes of extremely misleading video footage while sitting on the internet from home all day, charge $25 donations to their husband’s accounts and think, “Money well spent.” I haven’t seen people with conviction to bullshit this strong since the Jonestown Massacre.  But what I will do, is enjoy the fact that I have purchased space and built property in the vacant lot that is Mike Cadena’s brain. Seriously, he can’t stop blaming us for everything and anything, and ranting on about our “lack of credibility”, despite sucking ass in emails pleading for our help.




Yup, you caught us. We definitely are so stupid as to risk a US Marshall showing up at our doorsteps and felony charges over freaking Mike Cadena. Any day now, we’ll all be taken away. This has nothing to do with riling up crazies on the web with fake abuse claims.

He can’t stand us, because in his sea of lies we are committed to being the faint beacon of truth. Because no matter how many angles he slickly tries to throw at us, we see right through his smoke and mirrors to the truth – this man is profiting off of his insanely contentious court battle. He doesn’t care about his kid. He cares about control, and probably cares quite a bit about the six figures in donations he’s racked up. Although, curiously, looks like they are starting to refund donor’s money.

Nothing to see here, just some damage control.  And questions are certainly being asked, with no real answers given.

No, you lying cow. You released the “evidence” to us, remember? It just doesn’t support the abuse claims, because they are lies.


Whatever you do, riders, do NOT contact gofundme to report their fundraising as fraud. The URL for his scam of a fundraiser is , not that you’ll be reporting or anything. That would only speed up the ongoing investigation, and poor Mike is already over here losing his shit at every turn:

This is becoming a stark portrait of a man coming unhinged because he has lost all control.  When it comes to narcissists, this guy is in a league of his own. He incited an online mob, turned it on his ex and the judge, and is now somehow still victimizing himself. He even posted the link to the article reporting his supporters making threats against a judge in a parental alienation group – despite keeping his own kid from his mother for 18 months, fabricating abuse allegations to justify it, and engineering a smearfest all over social media when he didn’t get his way.

And he promptly got shut down for it, because, he reached out to a corner of the internet not fully of naive nutjobs. Easy mistake to make.

Oh, and let’s not forget the totally predictable HUGE lawsuit that Mike is totally going to get to, right after he finishes using the internet to tank his failing custody case:

Mr. Cadena, I saw this genuinely – there is little in this world that would make me happier right now, than if you would sue me. Go for it – litigate. Reach out to my people, and I will be sure to get you my government name and an address you can serve it to – I will even pay your legal costs if your suit prevails. Because I know for a fact it won’t. But I would absolutely love to do depositions with you, because you can’t lie under oath. Because you have furnished me with all these DCFS documents and doctor’s reports, I can ask you questions, under oath, as to their contents. And then when you leave with your tail between your legs, I can turn around and publish the contents of those depositions, so people can read the words right out of your own mouth, that you are a lying sack of shit. Not in those exact words, of course, but you and I both know that those documents do not support your insane claims. Take this as a formal invitation, Mikey-Mike. Sue me. And let’s clear this all up, once and for all.

Whatever you do, don’t link our articles to the comments on the HUSM Facebook page, and don’t call Mike out for being a scam artist with no morals. That would be mean. Also, don’t extend my invitation to put his fraudulently collected money where his mouth is and have his attorney reach out to sue me. It would be so embarrassing for him when he doesn’t follow through, and does this look like a guy who could use any more embarrassment?









6 Comment(s)
  • JoeMomma
    November 2, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    Are you sure he’s the father?
    He doesn’t seem smart enough to know how to fuck.

  • randiguy2006
    Randall Guy
    November 2, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Yeah, you’re a regular Woodstein and Bernwood.

    You good ripped off at last year’s Pultizer.

    • November 2, 2018 at 9:05 pm

      Randall, I feel like you’re my biggest fan!

  • WTF
    November 2, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    I don’t get it. How can anyone steal your story? All of your articles are just screen shots and regurgitated shit that you found somewhere else online. Your not a real fucking reporter you dope.

    What really sucks the most is up until a couple years ago a started reading this blog because the writing was funny and entertaining. What the Fuck Happened? Don’t take your self so seriously Lois Lame.

    • Turtle Boy Customer Service
      November 2, 2018 at 2:48 pm

      Re: WTF,
      We’re sorry English is not your native language. Please file a withdraw/redaction request with The Desk Girl.

      cc TBS

  • BlackandWhite
    November 2, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    This poor kid shouldn’t be with either one of his psycho parents. Why should his daily life be constant chaos and fighting?

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