• Turns Out The Junkbox Who Robbed A Honey Farms With A Syringe Is A Notorious Panhandler And Was Arrested Days Later At His Post On Vernon St And 290

    Turns Out The Junkbox Who Robbed A Honey Farms With A Syringe Is A Notorious Panhandler And Was Arrested Days Later At His Post On Vernon St And 290

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    A couple weeks ago we suggested that the Worcester Police start posting pictures of asshole they’re looking for so the general public can help them identify some of Worcester’s finest derelicts and bring them to justice. Within hours they put a picture of some Jolly Fien Giant on their page, and in less than an hour they knew who he was. Well they posted this on Friday, about a junkbox who robbed a Honey Farms with a syringe:

    On Thursday, July 6, 2017, at approximately 4:09 AM, Worcester Police responded to the Honey Farms Market located at 304 Belmont Street for a reported armed robbery. Responding police were informed by dispatchers that the suspect had armed himself with a syringe. Upon the officers arrival they met with the 26-year-old male victim/clerk. The clerk told the officers that a male entered the holding a syringe and demanded a pack of cigarettes and money from the cash drawer. The suspect took an undisclosed amount of money and fled the area on foot, last seen running west on Belmont Street behind the market. It appears that the suspect may have entered a dark colored sedan and drove off heading east on Belmont Street. The suspect was described as a white male, 35-45 years old, approximately 5’5” tall, dirty blonde hair with a beard wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and jean shorts. 

    Well, looks like their new method of using perps pictures on Facebook worked again, because over the weekend they found and identified him. And you’ll never guess what he was doing….

    During the investigation detectives were able to identify the suspect as David Cardwell, 39-years-old of Worcester. Mr. Cardwell is apparently homeless. On Saturday, July 8, 2017, investigators received a tip that Mr. Cardwell was panhandling on the I-290 eastbound off ramp by Vernon Street. Detectives went to that location and discovered MR. Cardwell panhandling. Mr. Cardwell was placed under arrest without incident and charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (syringe) and Armed Robbery.

    Of course he was panhandling!! Why wouldn’t he be? Worcester is basically a sanctuary city for panhandlers. We tried getting rid of them but Tracy Novick and the ACLU weren’t having any of that!! People like David Cardwell are worth fighting for. Definitely.


    Robbing a Honey Farms for cigs & cash with a syringe as a weapon is the formula to success, if you need drugs. This originally happened a couple days ago, so this perp was on the loose for a little while. Of course, he used his time on the run constructively.

    It was inevitable that Cardwell would be caught, he was gaining a reputation for shooting up and aggressive panhandling in multiple areas:

    So, he was shooting up under bridges in front of children & basically trying to assault people who didn’t give him drug money. Nice. Anyway, these junkies are everywhere in Worcester, if you give these people money, you’re as much to blame as anyone. There is a reason why he was doing it, people are suckers and will cave under the slightest amount of pressure.

    If you’re feeling guilty, buy food, or a drink for them like the comments above state, DON’T, give them money. I’m pretty sure they can’t stuff a BLT into a syringe or a pipe. Overall, this isn’t a surprising thing to happen — a Worcester Honey Farms at 4:00 AM is a ticking time bomb.

    It’s great that the cops were able to get Cardwell’s pictures on Facebook, so people could keep a look out. Multiple people, including the people in the above Facebook post, called in to complain about Cardwell. Anyway, this model citizen was clearly desperate,  I hope the clerk he robbed at Honey Farms gave him Pall Malls out of spite.


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