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Turtleboy’s Top 100 Most Popular Blogs Of The Year: #40-31

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Our Facebook page is suspended again, so make sure you to LIKE THE LOST BOYS OF TURTLE Facebook page to keep up with our latest blogs.

Our Facebook page is suspended again, so make sure you to LIKE THE LOST BOYS OF TURTLE Facebook page to keep up with our latest blogs.




What a year it’s been for Turtleboy Sports. Over 20 million page views and counting. We started the year with about 21,000 Facebook followers. And despite three separate 30 day suspensions that number has doubled to 42,000. We’ve also got two backup pages with over 10,000 followers each when our primary pages are suspended. We’ve been featured on every major radio station in the Boston, Worcester, and Springfield areas, linked by major media outlets, and widely recognized as the only reliable media outlet in Massachusetts. We are an unstoppable force of nature, and we will not be defeated.

So what is Turtleboy Sports? We get that question a lot. Are we a news outlet or entertainment? The answer is, both. We’ve broken some major stories this year.

  • We were the first media outlet to report the name of the man (Jorge Zambrano) who killed Officer Ronald Tarentino.
  • We were the first to announce when he was killed.
  • We broke the story about the corrupt daughter of a retired judge who continued to work in the probation department despite giving up names of informants to her criminal friends, and dating the brother of the cop killer.
  • We were relentless in our coverage with the Spencer-East Brookfield schools, which culminated in a peaceful overthrow of School Committee chairman Kevin Hayes.
  • We dug and we dug and we dug until we found proof that Mosaic Cultural Complex was paying its employees to do NOTHING, which forced the City Council to finally cut off funding for the fraudulent non-profit.

We also broke a buttload of other stories as well. But at the same time, Turtleboy lives to entertain. This is why you come here. And we do that by shaming people who have earned the shaming. Because sometimes people just wanna have a good ol’ fashioned laugh. Lots of people don’t like this because for years we’ve let them control the narrative. But not any more. From now on when you act like a fool in public, you will be publicly exposed by the Turtle.

With that said, it’s time to look back at the year in Turtleboy. We will be releasing our top 100 most popular blogs, 10 blogs at a time, so you can catch up on the debauchery. Each blog will be explained briefly with a limerick. We understand that many turtle riders jumped on mid stroke, so this gives you an opportunity to catch up on what you missed……


40. Brockton Mom tries to fuck up her kid’s teacher during class – 30,807 page views

In any other place

This would be shocking

But ratchet behavior

Is standard in Brockton


All-Star Brockton Mom Barges Into School, Tries To Fight Teacher, Tells Her She’s Going To “Fuck Her Up,” Gets Arrested, Says It’s All A Misunderstanding

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.20.12 PM


39. Leominster panhandler has no chill – 31,368 page views

He’s been arrested so much

You think he would quit

But he always needs money

For the next bag of spit

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.46.20 AM

Legendary Leominster Panhandler Might Be The Biggest Dooshnozzle In The History Of Panhandling



38. Top 11 Reasons White Privilege is not a real thing – 31,641 page views

I really hated school

And working so hard

Where do I cash in 

My white privilege card?

white privilege memes


37. Fall River parents try to start a riot to get their kids out of school during lockdown – 32,417 page views

Some Fall River parents

Went totally beserk

The least surprising thing

Was that no one was at work

All-Star Fall River Parents Try To Start A Riot At Durfee High School After Kid Snapchats A Gun At School, Legendary Facebook Commentary Ensues



36. Grafton life coach demands that offensive blue pro-police ribbons come down because they’re racist – 32,737 page views

In the land of butthurt

It’s pretty much a given

That some precious snowflake

Gets triggered by a ribbon


Grafton “Life Coach” Wants Town To Take Down Blue Ribbons Because Supporting The Police Is Racist And Divisive



35. Guessing Obama’s bracket – 34,240 page views

His picks are designed

To win the election

Too bad Hillary

Was his worst possible selection


Here Is Obama’s Guaranteed 2016 Bracket Picks For March Madness

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.29.56 AM


34.  Plus sized model calls the cops after being threatened for celebrating the deaths of 5 Dallas cops – 35,190 page views

To the police station

Becky did waddle

A harrowing event

For a plus sized model

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.10.36 AM


Plus Sized Model Becky Monson Called The Cops After Saying It Was Awesome To Watch Dallas Cops Die, Issues Worst Apology Ever


33. Missing David Prouty principal randomly appears in Epcot on Facebook page –  35,469 page views

Some thought she was in China

Others said Laos

Turns out she was really

Hanging with Mickey Mouse

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.26.12 AM

“Missing” “Sick” David Prouty Principal Posting Pictures From Disney World And Talking To Students On Twitter While Teachers Get Suspended

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32.  Winchendon Mom tells student her parents don’t love her and then gets in fight in school – 36,165 page views

Winchendon Mom 

Is classly and propper

Except for that time

She fought a kid with her daughter

Winchendon Hoodrat Mom Fights 16 Year Old Student At Murdock High School After Telling Her That Her Parents Don’t Love Her


31. Southbridge deadbeat Mom on SSI starts GoFundMe for boyfriend’s car – 36,539 page views

Shitty parenting

From this Southbridge clambox

We’d start a GoFundMe

To give her smallpox


Southbridge Woman On SSI Begging For Money To Fix BF’s Car Had A Baby Die Due To Neglect, Three Other Kids Found Covered In Feces And Fleas By Neighbors


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