• Athol Chick Arrested For Selling Heroin Last Week Is Mad At People Who Take Pictures Of Overdoses Because It Doesn’t Help Addicts

    Athol Chick Arrested For Selling Heroin Last Week Is Mad At People Who Take Pictures Of Overdoses Because It Doesn’t Help Addicts

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    Last week we blogged about Kelsie Mae Hurlburt, an Athol drug dealer who was busted with 210 bags of heroin in Pelham, and then claimed that she wasn’t selling it and that she planned on doing all of it in the next two days.

    Anyway, she’s back, and she’s casting judgement on people who take pictures of other people who have overdosed:

    What’s worse? Taking pictures of a junkbox, or selling poison to them, thus depriving them of what little money they have and ensuring an early death for them? Hard to tell.

    According to her taking pictures of people who are overdosing “doesn’t help addicts”:

    But I’ll tell you what does help addicts – selling them heroin!!

    Oh, and remember this guy defending her honor?

    “I got your back girl! Just like that time I stabbed a guy in a face for talking shit.”

    Well it turns out Jeff Harnois literally killed a guy in 2008was put on probation, and then violated it four times:

    A Barre man who has violated his probation four times in two years was sentenced yesterday to 15 months in the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction. Jeffrey Harnois, 19, of 228 Pleasant St., Barre, has been on probation since he pleaded guilty to killing his friend in a horrific accident in South Barre in July 2008. Yesterday in Western Worcester District Court, Judge David Riccardone told Mr. Harnois he was not impressed with the teen’s efforts to comply with probation requirements.

    Probation Officer April Messenger told the judge Mr. Harnois has tested positive for drug use, including marijuana and opiates, fallen behind and eventually caught up on restitution payments, failed to keep up with counseling, failed to hold down a job, and while there was no time limit, in two years completed just 24 of the 500 hours of community service he was ordered to perform.

    The original charges were brought after a July 2008 crash that happened when Mr. Harnois was driving a 2003 Dodge Caravan that struck a pole in South Barre, killing his passenger and friend, Patrick Provost, 17, of Milford. Police have said the two were retaliating by throwing rocks after Mr. Harnois, who claimed to be a member of the Crips gang, had a verbal altercation and threatened a local man. Mr. Harnois was placed on 2-1/2 years’ supervised probation, followed by 2-1/2 years’ administrative probation, after Mr. Provost’s family asked a judge to be lenient.


    Yup. Shithead McGee not only killed his friend while trying to throw rocks at someone who talked shit about him, he also lives in Barre and claims to be a Crip. Can’t make this stuff up. All he had to do to stay out of jail and get away with killing someone was do some community service, get a job, and stop doing drugs. He couldn’t do any of those things. Oh, and he also stabbed a guy in the face a bunch of times.

    But yea, keep on shaming the people documenting the opiate epidemic, rather than the people who are profiting off of it by selling these people poison. You guys are totally on the good side. Definitely.


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    1. The Executioner

      Execute that maggot Harnois! And for Kelsey…well she’s going to do it to herself if she is using that many bags in 2 days. She should invest now in a plot. Cemetary plot.

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        Her in a respectable cemetery? Babycakes, the local dump would be too upscale for her nasty ass. 🙂

    2. NaturalSelection

      Cops should cut all the drugs they confiscate with rat poison and then put them back on the streets and let the problem solve itself.

      1. The Vorlon

        That would be a waste of good rat poison.

        The Elephant Fentanyl, on the other hand…

    3. Athol Orange Redneck Resident

      Well I know Kelsey and when she croaks I won’t feel any sympathy.
      She gets arrested for drugs and is right back using it, using her EBT at the Athol
      grocery store, and spending all day on social media.
      Why aren’t these people REQUIRED to go to drug rehab?
      She should be in a prison cell.

    4. Turd Burglestein

      Pardon me, but my dyslexia is acting up today…is her last name really Butthurt?

      1. wabbitt

        Fuck you Turd – I went back up and looked at her posts again.

        You magnificent bastard…

    5. Inspector Gadget

      In the orange teddie, even a ginger junkie is doable.. oh yeah!

      If she plays her cards right she could be as famous as the Florida DUI Milf.

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        Meh, yoy probably couldn’t slide your cock through all the herpes crust. Don’t waste your time if an opp arises. 😀

    6. wabbitt

      Yep. Lots of gang bangers in a place with more raccoons than people.

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