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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #90-81

Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #90-81

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90. Bridgewater State professor lets it be known that kids who voted for Trump are not welcome in his class.


Bridgewater State Professor Says “Fuck Any” Students Who Voted For Trump, They Are KKK And Are Not Welcomed In His English Class



89. Fight at Durfee High School after girl with asperbergers annoys trash princess.


Durfee High School Trash Princess Violently Attacking Girl In Class Who Reportedly Has Aspergers Is Why You Should Never Move To Fall River



88. Chick posts about bitches be looking broke as fuck, quickly gets arrested for heroin dealing.


Springfield Trampon Heroin Dealer Says “All You Bitches Look Broke As F***” While Displaying Ice, Gets Arrested For Trafficking 



87. Quabbin parents revolt after new policy where students have to make up work they missed while on vacation during school days.


Whiny Quabbin Regional School Parents Lose Their Minds Because Their Kids Have To Make Up Work If They Go On Vacation To Disney During The School Year



86. Rebecca Machacz makes Turtleboy debut by celebrating the death of a 4 year old.


Bellingham Porridge Receptacle Blames Celebrates The Death Of A 4 Year Old Boy In Milford By Saying “Who Cares – One Less Illegal”



85. Haverhill Bonnie ad Clyde fail completely with Amesbury robbery.


Haverhill White Trash Bonnie And Clyde Knock Over Amesbury Mini-Mart And Make The Worst Getaway Ever



84. PURR Cafe dumpster fire, Part 1.


Boston Cat Cafe “PURR” Is The Biggest Litter Box Fire You’ll Ever See – Part One: Owner, Typing As Her Cat, Threatens To Sue Haters



83. Natick Dumpsterslugs selling their WIC baby formula and food stamps on Facebook for heroin cash.


Natick Dumpsterslugs Selling WIC Baby Formula, Food Stamps For Drug Money On Facebook, Started $100 GoFundMe For Wedding Dress, “Husband” Picked Up By Feds



82. Sarah Burke does naked webcam shows on Facebook page filled with images of her three children.


Dedham Mother Of 3 Sells Her Naked Webcam Shows On Facebook, Shares Pictures Of Her Kids With Shady Married Men Who Are All In Love With Her



81. Gabbie Hebert and junkbox boyfriend rob drug dealer, runs him over with car, and Gabbie flips out on any chick who wishes him well.


Slugrakes Rob, Run Over Their Heroin Dealer, Junkie Busted In Prostitution Sting Getaway Driver Claims To Be Pregnant Veteran, Flips Out On Any Chick Who Posts On Her Lover’s Facebook Page




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