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  • Fairhaven Mom And Dad Go “Free My Boy” For Assblaster Son And Dicknado Butt Buddy By Blaming Armed Robbery Spree On His “Disease”

    Fairhaven Mom And Dad Go “Free My Boy” For Assblaster Son And Dicknado Butt Buddy By Blaming Armed Robbery Spree On His “Disease”

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    Here’s a couple of junkmales out of Fairhaven who’ve been going around robbing stores in the South Coast in order to make sure their “disease” is never cured:

    Good God. It’s like they took a bag of assholes, put them up in my attic during the summer time, and a family of mice had babies on them. Have mercy.

    Gotta love how whenever you see a chudstuffer like Ryan Stojack rocking the hat of champions everyone immediately starts flashing the turtle symbol up at the night sky:

    Oh yea, Ryan Stojack is a real winner. He’s got a different flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat for every day of the week:

    And he’s always wearing the headware of champions while deep in thought and reading one of his homey’s letters from prison:

    In the winter he even rocks the Chicago Bulls pom pom hots

    Sometimes he switches it up and reps another Chicago team:

    Not the baseball from the good part of Chicago. The baseball team from where everyone gets shot. Because sometimes you just gotta keep it 100 in the mean streets of Fairhaven.

    Prior to the Bulls becoming the official sportball team of the GED Express, it used to be the Yankees

    And before that it was the Lakers

    If it ever becomes the Patriots, we riot.

    Ryan appears to be part of the #ATM gang:

    Which means they stand outside of the ATM and threaten to inject you with an AIDS filled needle if you don’t hand over your money.

    He seems to go to jail a lot, but luckily his sperm sponge holds it down for him on the Facebook machine….

    Ryan’s partner in crime Tommy is a real winner too. This is how he chooses to represent himself on Facebook:


    Here he is with his old man Tom:

    Who obviously is a FUBU connoisseur


    Now, when your kid gets publicly shamed like this, it’s always best to stay far, far away from Facebook. Whatever you do, do not go onto a page where your son’s arrest report was just posted and attempt to justify his actions. It’s got an extremely low success rate when it comes to changing hearts and minds.

    Nevertheless both Mom and Dad gave it a shot, and it was the dumpster fire we all knew it would be….

    “My son has a disease.” 

    I didn’t even need to read anything more after that. I already understand what the root cause of the problem here is.

    “You need to mine your own business we dont enable him he has his own mine so keep out of it.”

    A beautiful mine is a terrible thing to waste. Especially during submarine warfare. But yea, definitely no enabling going on here. It’s not like Mom’s immediate reaction was to blame her 29 year old son’s robbery spree on a “disease” that’s out of his control or anything like that. STFU you stupid fucks!!

    There was so much more amazingness too…..

    Yea, you fucks wouldn’t be running your lips if you were in front of this bad mamma jamma right here:

    Dude is a model for fitness. He will fuck your shit up!!

    And anyone who has a problem with him can get fucked by a dildo. Not just any dildo though. A black dildo!!

    No lube either!

    Naturally his son dindu nuffin:

    Yea, driving the car on multiple robberies doesn’t count as actually robbing someone. The assault and battery, witness intimidation, and armed robbery charges are extremely misleading. Just blame it all on the guy with the Bulls hat.

    Daddy’s hoping for a lenient sentence:

    It’s almost as if junior grew up getting away with shit his whole life and now it’s catching up to him.

    Y’all need to know the FAX!!!

    And anyone who thinks he shouldn’t post on Facebook under his spawn’s arrest report can fuck a smelly skank!

    Sorry Tom, your son doesn’t have a disease. He’s just a piece of shit with no regard for other human beings and he doesn’t mind pointing guns at them to take their money out of their hands so he can get his next fix. That’s not a disease. That’s just him being an asshole and you enabling him.

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    1. Savage Squaw Bitch

      How is saying “go fuck yourself with big black dildo” racist? Someone please tell me how that is, because I wanna know if the teal or purple dongs are more privileged.

    2. Queef Olbermann

      WTF is it about Chicago Bulls hats?

    3. fanofturtle

      #atm ? Ha! I frequently visit an atm to draw some very hard earned cash, I’m also a lawfully armed citizen . Fairhaven area ?

    4. Mike

      I wonder who’s eyes are spread further apart: his son’s or his dog’s.

      What a junk family! I will never understand the point of rehabilitating people like this. They are garbage and do nothing but hurt and victimize others. Give them both a big’ol dose of their medicine and let them die doing what they love: getting high.

      1. The Rant Queen

        I can get behind this, 100%. Fucking crackhead dope fiends have never done anything to benefit anyone. They dont want to get clean, work or be a part of a functioning society. No recycling here, trash these low lives. I wonder if they’re both a product of inbreeding, & drug use while their big mamas were pregnant, considering their deformed skeletal faces.

      2. Whitney

        those widely spaced eyes are frequently a symptom of fetal alcohol syndrome

    5. Phil

      Obviously apple does not fall far from the tree. I propose 18 months HOC and then no Narcan for two years

    6. Joe Luke

      Is dad on the Little People show?

    7. MJS

      Oh man, I feel like I know so much about Tom Pendergast just by looking at his pictures. For starters: he’s a smoker. I mean like a pack-and-a-half a day smoker, and has been since his days in the service. He and his wife are also drinkers, like heavy heavy drinkers, and not the good stuff either. They drink their hard liquor from plastic bottles (I suspect alcoholism is the reason their son looks the way he does). And I’m willing to bet 5-0 has visited the Pendergast home quite a few times in the past on domestic calls. And their home? Let’s just say “deferred maintenance” is a kind way to describe the condition of Casa de Pendergast.

      1. Find good info here

        If someone knew the address, they could pull the police call logs which are a public record.

        1. Paid Attention

          Police logs usually omit or redact residential addresses.

      2. Webster Turtle Rider

        You’re hilarious. Comment more often, please.

    8. Irishcurse

      The whole family has a touch of the downs.

      1. Find good info here

        Yeah, the more they drink the more it goes down.

    9. Mrs. Teasdale

      People like this is why many of us couldn’t wait to leave the skank palace that New Bedford has become.

    10. phong

      He’s lucky he didn’t get the 9mm cure for his disease.

      In 1982 a friend was arrested for having smack on him the day before Thanksgiving. He was already jonesing out, and was thrown in a cell until the next Monday. They kept an eye on him the whole time. He never touched it again, even now.

      1997, a friend went through rehab with all the bells & whistles and was dead less than a month of “graduation”.

      Cold turkey these bastards. 5 days of hell wakes you up.

    11. Misc guy

      Ryan Stojak is a piece of shit. First off they don’t live on Shaw Rd anymore = the grandma lost the house ( back @ May 2017′ ) from him stealing $$ from her every month. He has messed with his sister to the point she is so messed up it’s not even funny. She is also messed up because her fianace died of an overdose in her bed and she woke up to him next to her cold and stiff. Supposedly he was messing around with the family pit bull. The kid is a loser and should stay in jail as career criminal, his sister really wants nothing to do with him – but does feel bad when he gets beat on ( which is often ). Their dad, uncle, aunt all died of overdoses and from what I heard the mom let them both run wild as young as 12 years old. The grandma is actually a nice lady who has been taken advantage of from the daughter and both grandkids. It’s sad the kid robs drug dealers and steals from people then wonders why he gets beat up constantly. He has so many enemies he uses his family’s trust fund to pay protection $$ in jail. They are orginally from Nantucket and in 2-3 years when the trust fund is paid out I feel bad for the sister as if she doesn’t straighten out before that, then it’s a wrap.

      1. Sonny's Mom

        Maybe what they say about “generational curses” is true.

      2. Goose

        This is a family that has a trust fund?


    12. don

      definately inbreeding in the family. None of them can make a complete sentence. cleanse the gene pool before the son breeds more retards.

      1. Jack Mehoff

        More likely proud products of a Public School system that moved them through rather than deal with them being “slow” or “retarded”. What’s the odds they vote Democrat?

    13. Mand

      If you look at Tommy Pendergast’s pictures he has all of the facial features of a person with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome……

    14. Mand

      Tommy P. has distinctive facial characteristics of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – wide set eyes, low ears that stick out, flattened nasal bridge…..

    15. Sloppy

      Old Tommy sort of looks like Lurch from the Adams Family.

    16. True Reality Speaks

      “A beautiful mine is a terrible thing to waste. Especially during submarine warfare.”

      Funniest comment in a long while. FAX.

    17. Independent Thinker

      I don’t care if you have the “disease.” Just don’t steal from me and don’t leave your dirty needles lying around for me to step on. Remember, many of our responsible citizens are armed.

    18. Don

      At least when the trash is white I don’t get called racist for pointing out what a useless piece of shit they are. White, Black, Brown whatever – these people are a scourge on society. No rehabilitation is possible. Like another person posted, just give them a bunch of drugs and let nature take its course. Give some to the “parents” too.

    19. #bringingretardback

      It’s gotta be inbreeding and FAS with these people that can’t call it anything other than a “disease”, for some reason there’s a part of the population that can’t get past that part. This kid is probably a product of his mom and grandad, and the grandma let this chick run wild while a teen and she drank while she was pregnant, because grandma didn’t want her old mans name drug through the mud. No doubt this kid is what you’d call a classic 1985 retard, before when we were allowed to call retards, retards. The definition of retardation is slow, and this kid is defiantly a retard.

      1. #bringingretardback

        Does that say defiantly? Definitely, wait I that that had 2 f’s?? Anyway, the second def, not the first is what was meant to be put there instead of defiant, because he’s that too, but y’all know what I meant.

    20. chrissy

      “ood God. It’s like they took a bag of assholes, put them up in my attic during the summer time, and a family of mice had babies on them. Have mercy.”


      1. chrissy


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