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  • Shoutout To This Father-Son Duo Who Avenged Their Daughter/Sister’s Death By Kidnapping And Kicking The Shit Out Of Her Heroin Hookup Until He Named Names

    Shoutout To This Father-Son Duo Who Avenged Their Daughter/Sister’s Death By Kidnapping And Kicking The Shit Out Of Her Heroin Hookup Until He Named Names

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    TrashliveHours after a 32-year-old woman from Western Massachusetts fatally overdosed in Rhode Island on Monday, her father and brother were arrested in what police are calling a kidnapping and attack on her suspected heroin hookup. Police arrived on Baldwin Hill Road in the small Berkshire County town of Egremont around 4:15 p.m. to find the late woman’s father allegedly choking and striking a struggling man while his son helped hold down his arms. Both father and son were “screaming different versions of ‘you killed my [expletive] daughter’ and ‘you killed my [expletive] sister,'” according to a report by Egremont Police Officer Hans Carlson, obtained Friday by MassLive.

    The man was able to escape the slow-moving van on Baldwin Hill Road, whereupon both Lombardis allegedly followed him out and continued the attack, which residents of the street observed and reported to police, who intervened in a quick response.

    I don’t normally condone vigilantism, but at the same time, we’re living in a state filled to the brim with Deval Patrick judges that let scumbags out onto the street time and time again. Some times you just gotta do what you gotta do. Nah mean? Big shoutout to this father and son duo who realized that this was the only way they were going to receive any sort of satisfaction.

    There’s no way the idiot they kidnapped ever saw it coming either. There’s a reason it was just the son that was supposed to show up. The Dad looks like he done killed 4-5 people before.

    Plus his name is Ralph. I don’t fuck with guys named Ralph who wear shirts like that. That’s just common sense.

    Meanwhile the son appears to be your average Berkshire hippie jock who is no stranger to craft beer festivals:

    Never in a million years did the “victim” think that guy right there was gonna kidnap him in a van and waterboard him to kingdom come until he named names.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is no one more gutless than a heroin dealer. Pot dealers are great, and coke dealers I don’t have strong opinions on. Know why? Because they do their own product. Heroin dealers don’t. Because they’d be dead pretty quickly. If you can’t stand by your product then you’re a piece of shit. People who sell heroin are choad monkeys because they KNOW they’re profiting off of the self-destruction of another person. There has never, ever, ever been a positive affect of heroin. Ever. You are selling poison to stupid and vulnerable people who don’t know any better. You are the lowest of the low.

    Granted the guy they kicked the shit out of wasn’t the actual dealer. But he knew who the dealer was and it was time to name names. This is the only way to get that information. Big props for doing it mafia style too by using a van, and telling the idiot they picked up that they were gonna magically fix his debt problems.

    The only surprising part about this story is that they got caught in Egremont. Egremont is easily top 5 places to dump a body in Massachusetts. Ever been there before? It’s a real trip. Nestled next to Alford, Mount Washington (there’s a town called Mount Washington), New York state, and the metropolis of Great Barrington, there’s no reason for anyone to ever go to Egremont. Ever. The fact that this nudnik jumped out of the van and people were actually there to see it is nothing less than a statistical miracle.

    I don’t wanna say that father and son are heroes, but they kind of just revolutionized the opiate epidemic. If you sell heroin, you no longer get a free pass from some SJW judge. You get old school punishment from the family. At least that might present a detriment for potential dealers down the road.


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    1. Turtle diddler

      How about the girl is responsible for her own stupid choices that led to her death? I hate dope dealers too….. but I also hate vigilantes who take the law into their own hands. Stupid idiots are the ones who will end up in jail. Your glorifying them shows how stupid you are too.

      1. Dick Buttkiss

        I agree but please check your grammar before calling anyone else stupid.

      2. Capt. Bill

        Ummm, dealers deal EVERYTHING. Pot dealers ARE smack dealers and coke and perc 30s and oxy. They don’t specialize! And after you buy weed from them, they’re more than happy to sell you the pills and eventually the H.

        1. Capt Crunch

          You’re a dumbass.

          1. Supply Demand

            Keep selling. Or buying.

      3. Bub

        Fuck you and the horse you road in on, assclown. People go through tough times and don’t deserve to die for it. That girl might have made it out of her tough time without dying if pieces of shit like her little dopefiend friend didn’t hook her in with a source. Ralph and Mike should let the trial go to jury. Nobody’ll convict.

    2. Lou P

      Good for you, Dad and Brother. Too bad you got interrupted.
      Yes, the daughter made a very poor choice.
      But we need to exterminate drug dealers, especially heroin dealers.

      1. Officer Larry

        Worcester’s population would go down by 12,500 if we did. There’s 5 on every street.

    3. Brian

      Egremont, Alford, Mount Washington? What the fuck are you talking about? These can’t be places in Mass

      1. Mack

        Right, 2 in Cal. 1 in N.H.

      2. wabbitt

        I’ve lived in Massachusetts my entire life, and I’d never heard of any of those three towns until reading this blog.

        Mount Washington might be the top place to dump a body; not even a state highway going into it, and surrounded on three sides by a state forest. The kind of place you’d move if you only had one year left to live, because every day would feel like a fucking eternity.

        1. Berkshires

          You must be from Boston

          1. wabbitt

            No, I’m from Worcester. Born and raised. And anything west of Brookfield may as well be another fucking country.

      3. Sonny's Mom

        Oh, but they are. Far-far-Western Mass, in Berkshire County almost to the New York line.

      4. Bob Vieira

        Yes,they do exist. People think there is nothing west of Springfield and that’s OK with us or our drug problem would be much worse than it is.

    4. The Rant Queen

      “Don’t know any better” Yeah okay lol.

      I mean, it sounds like the two didnt even ask for the guy’s name. They just started swinging the second the guy entered the van. So…that’s sketchy. But you have a point there, judges keep letting these dealers walk and they go right back to selling.

      I dont like drug dealers either, but Im not going to pretend the buyers are innocent in this shit. Coming from a former heroin user, I knew better. I knew there were other options. I knew about clinics and I knew ppl who sold Suboxone, and I still went for the heroin. Suboxone is much more popular and well known now, there’s no reason these junkies cant join a program. Zero. They choose to seek out the dealers, they choose to give their money to the dealers, they share the same amount of blame as the dealers.

      Oh and junkies should probably stop trying to chase that first high, they’re never going to get that back. They’re going to OD and die. If you’re going to choose to do heroin, know your damn limit. Ive known junkies who didnt even use it to get high anymore, they just needed it to function and get their shit done after getting hooked on pain killers then having them taken away without warning. They knew about Suboxone too, and still went for the heroin. They didn’t inject it (snorted, I know it’s not all that much better) but they werent doing entire bundles in one sitting, like most of these junkies do, who then OD.

      Then you got the junkies who got clean, or got on Suboxone, for a long time and decided to relapse. They figure they’ll have the Subs to fall back on, they dont listen to the doctors about how dangerous it is to mix them. They want that first high that started it all. They think they can start with an entire bundle they had gotten used to before. And they OD and die. Or they take Suboxone while the heroin is in their system, go through extreme withdrawal and die.

      All these types made the decision to buy heroin/use heroin. There wouldnt be dealers, if there werent people offering to buy. I do believe addiction is a type of mental illness, but that only carries the excuses so far. Help is easy to find. Suboxone is cheaper than heroin and lasts way longer. Junkies want to live the way they are.

      Im not saying they deserve to die, look Ive been there, but dont act like they’re these dumb children who dont know better. They do. They just dont care.

      1. Pezzo di Merda

        Shut up, junkie.

      2. Jane

        Hope it doesn’t happen to you Mr. Know it all!!!! You make me sick! You think it’s so easy for everyone just because it’s so easy for you! Your a junkie too and will always be one for the rest of your life! Hope it doesn’t come back to you to bite you on the ass! Your sympathy for other junkies as you call them is disgusting!

    5. Recovery is possible

      Way to go Dad & Son! I’m so sorry for your loss. She was absolutely beautiful and had a whole life ahead of her. So sad. A lot of these people who want to form an opinion on drug addiction but have no clue what it’s truly like to be an addict, are ridiculous. Addicts had full lives ahead of them once before too. As you can imagine, the “choice” to start using drugs to begin with isn’t something a healthy person comes to just decide. Their is a lot of pain, hurt, trauma, depression, anxiety and plenty else that is usually behind that first choice of trying to numb, stop or relieve the emotional, physical or mental pain they are feeling at the time. This beautiful young woman didn’t want to leave behind the family she loved. If she could have stopped easily, if anyone could stop that shit easily, then I promise to you that they would. But it’s not so simple or cut & dry. I’ve been clean off that garbage 10 years now. It’s a long road. I was on deaths doorstep and most nights I was certain I wouldn’t wake up in the morning but I was so numb and too far gone into the addiction, I just didn’t care. When you are down that low, you don’t see it. You don’t see you anymore. Your thoughts are very different. Even if you did see it, you wouldn’t care. Heroin doesn’t just numb the pain, it numbs every emotion, thought, feeling you have. You are a walking zombie that resembles nothing of who you use to be. Every dealer I’ve ever had over a decade ago, never did their own supply but had no problem making sure I had my fix. They full well know that an addict will go to great lengths to keep providing them money, in return for their shit. It’s about time something gets done to these heartless monsters!! Responsibility doesn’t just fall with the actual street dealer. The real dealers are our twisted goverment. All the money, technology, armed forces and yet, millions of pounds of heroine are brought into our areas, unforeseen. Smuggled past border patrols. Yep. Sure. Our armed forces come home from overseas hooked on it themselves. They have to man the opium fields so that the foreigners don’t steal the u.s. governments supply. It’s a very sad world we live in people.

      ** If you’re using that shit, please, I beg of you, seek help before it’s too late! Your family loves you and doesn’t want to bury you. I promise, it can be done. There are open beds available in all of Massachusetts. Call the substance abuse hotline 1-800-327-5050

      1. Fatfingers

        Sorry, downvoted accidentally. If i could’ve upvoted 10 times I would have. Stay strong.

        1. Anonymous

          You can click on the arrow you want a few times and it changes to the one you want.

        2. Sonny's Mom

          Go back and hit up-vite from the same device, that should erase the down-vote.

    6. Capo

      That’s not “Ralph,” that’s Paulie Walnuts.

      The betting odds are that a Democrat judge throws the book at this distraught father and son, doling out 300 times the punishment that the scumbag who killed Ron Tarentino got. If that scumbag got to be walking around free, they should give these two a medal, not time.

      1. bigdaddy

        How true in this libwit SJW filled state the father and son will see more time in jail than the dealers .Maybe they should claim they are illegal aliens so that the judge will go easy on them

    7. Rochambeau

      Jury trial for the father & son. Those mitigating circumstances would have me shouting “Dindu nuffin!” from the jury box.

    8. Independent Thinker

      All drug dealers should be executed. That’s how you stop drugs.

      The father and son should not have been arrested.

    9. Noseface

      Nobody else is going to say it? The deceased was a smoke show. Probably still would.

    10. chrissy

      Is it just me or does the candle in the guitar picture look like a big black penis? LOL 🙂

    11. Stunt Penis

      Only issue I see here is they forgot to rent a warehouse in some obscure location, didn’t buy a steel tub and several gallons of lye to dispose of the corpse when they were finished.

    12. Haverhill Landlord

      If addiction is a “disease” then killing drug dealers is the immune system’s response.

      With any luck Batman and Robin, errr, Ralph and Michael will receive medals for this.

    13. Wwy

      The title made it sound like these 2 kicked the shit out of the u.s military selling opium from Afghanistan, the money they make outweighs us Americans. TB knows many junkie stories written here.

    14. Sharon Cox

      I imagine any day we’ll be seeing that expose blog with pics from the freakshow Gay Pride Parade a few weeks ago, right TB? I know how brave and courageous you are. I am sure the one about stART will soon follow. You are such a hero TB! Exposing people selling mirrors or attending fairs. What a valuable service! Thanks so much, Superman.

    15. Sharon Cocks

      These guys truly need a GoFundMe.

      1. They call me Ponch

        Sharon you sound like you are one step away from a relapse. Just go shoot up some smack and go into a coma already.

        1. They call me Ponch

          * message approved, but please use your own handle.


          1. They call me Ponch

            Imitation is the best form of flattery

    16. Berkshires

      They dont tell you anywhere that the 2 guys were best friends. Why would you not just sit down and talk with him, to get the name or # . The guy was 200 miles from her obviously did not get or give the drugs to her.

      1. Curious

        Nice best friend to have his dealer get his sister the drug that killed her! Maybe he should of turned down the request considering he was a best friend!!!!

    17. Bub

      Come on, you surely see the cognitive dissonance here.

      The daughter/sister is exactly the type of person you spend week in and week out trying to humiliate, calling trash, and generally treating as if he/she isn’t a human being.

      You don’t get to now say that this is the kind of person whose death should be mourned and avenged. Your usual position is the worthless scum would be better off dead, so own it, rather than turning coats in circumstances that flatter you.

    18. Pezzo di Merda

      I saw this posted on MAsslives Facebook page and I cant believe there was actually people sticking up for the connect. Seriously? How fucked up are you to side with someone facilitating a transaction for poison? I wish to god I could meet some of these people in real life. Not because I want to kick their ass, I just want to tell them to their face, loudly, how fucking stupid they are. They’re probably Antifa(ggot) supporters anyway

    19. Bub

      If it were me I would have tortured this guy by giving him a sloppy blowjob!

    20. S.R.R

      I can’t believe that Ralph and Mike Lombardi were arrested at all, they both deserve an award for beating the hell out of a walking,breathing piece of shit.
      If they did anything wrong it was showing to much restraint dealing with this shit stain! I know how the Lombardi’s feel the death of Christine too an addiction that far too many greedy,vile pieces of filth seek too profit from can drive even the most passive person to seek vengeance. I lost my only sibling my brother Philip the same way a few years ago he died after buying heroin that had been cut wrong,because the piece of shit,festering Boil’s on the ass of society known as heroin dealers don’t have degrees in chemistry and they don’t care about who dies they are soulless assholes that care for nothing but money. I am certain that there is a special place in Hell for heroin dealers but in the meantime I Hope more people seek vigilante justice like the Lombardi’s did!

    21. BB324

      About time. Much better solution than making Dealer a poor victim and throwing more tax payer money at them. We keep treating them like victims more and more and the problem gets worse and worse. Isn’t there a logical conclusion there?

    22. suckittrebek

      they should have tortured him then drove his dead body out to the woods and dumped it in a hole.

    23. Sonny's Mom

      Turtleboy, please keep us updated, there are people who’d probably like to support Ralph and Michael.

    24. Bill Clinton

      What a waste. Blondie had a smokin hot body. Could have kept me happy for a few weeks.

    25. Dick Dover

      Lots of nooks and crannies in those parts to stick a body that’ll never get found.
      To bad they couldn’t see things through.

    26. huh

      ‘you killed my [expletive] daughter’ and ‘you killed my [expletive] sister,’”

      Flashback to Busgate.

    27. Ed from wilmington

      The girl asked for the heroin she knew exactly what she was doing , how is that someone else’s fault ? She probally begged her friend for it saying she was sick

    28. chrissy

      “Is it just me or does the candle in the guitar picture look like a big black penis? LOL ”

      who wrote chrissy as the name when posting this racist childish nonsense?

      ah well now i wonder if anything we read attributed to any particular name is actually by them 😮

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        How is that ridiculous comment racist?

        Hint: It’s not.

        1. chrissy

          it’s not racist at all…
          but on a blog like this where everything always seems to have people making racial comments…. it’s racial.

    29. chrissy

      I see they did it to Ponch too

    30. Berkshires

      what they don’t tell you is that Mike and the guy they beat up are/were best friends. they basically beat up someone that didnt actually supply the dope because they are so guilt ridden with the situation but I don’t blame them for feeling that way one bit but they are not heros by any means

    31. mpp

      Not the dealers fault. Dont raise a drug addict and they wont overdose.

    32. Too Tall Tim

      Who knew that Ponce from “Foster The People” could be so brutal.

      Okay, so Michael reminded me of Mark Pontius from “Foster The People” but now I just saw recent pics of Pontius that make it look like he could be on heroin.

      1. Too Tall Tim

        Could the Lombardi’s claim temporary insanity? Something like that should at least get any charges reduced.

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