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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #50-41

Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #50-41

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50. You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you make it onto Turtleboy for day blowing an infamous New Bedford wheelchair bound panhandler in public. 


Meet Renee Sturgeon: The Sloppy Knob-Gobbling Hooker From The New Bedford Wheelchair BJ Video! 


49. High 5 Friday is traumatizing to children of color in Northampton apparently. 


Northampton Police Cancel “High Five Friday” After Short Haired White SJW Woman Says Black Children Are Traumatized By Community Policing In Schools



48. Traitors. 


Here Are The 3 New Hampshire Poopsmoochers Who Disgraced Tom Brady By Posing For A Picture With Roger Goodell 



47. The most infamous con-artist we’ve ever profiled.  


Plymouth “Handyman” Kevin Ribeiro Is Probably The Most Diabolically Manipulative Scammer We’ve Ever Seen And He’s Advertising On Every Town Page Ever Created To Steal Your Cash



46. Gabbie Hebert explains how she served in North Korea and gets to stay in the army despite multiple arrests because she’s hooked on percs. 


Junkie “Pregnant Veteran” Who Helped Rob Auburn Heroin Dealer Says She Did Two Tours In North Korea, She’s Suing Us, And The Army Lets Her Stay In Because They Got Her Hooked On Percs



45. Having your ex-boyfriend kill your drug dealer because he caught you taking it from behind and you yelled “rape,” is a great way to get onto Turtleboy. 


Brockton Murder Suspect’s Girlfriend Cried Rape Against Victim And He’s Dead Because Of It. We Looked In To Her, Think She’s Full Of Crap, And Should Be Arrested Too


44. That’s one way to get justice. 


Shoutout To This Father-Son Duo Who Avenged Their Daughter/Sister’s Death By Kidnapping And Kicking The Shit Out Of Her Heroin Hookup Until He Named Names


43. What. The. Fuck?


Brockton Psycho Hosebeast Secretly Took Photos Of Your Kids To Post Online Claiming They Were Kidnapped For Prostitution – Built Shrines To “Daddy” Out Of Used Maxi Pads And Poop


42. You know you’re a baller when you own a pizza shop in Palmer!!


Palmer Pizza Shop Owner Calls Cusomter Fat, Brags About How Rich He Is, And Sends Employee To Make Fun Of Baby Because Of Negative Comment On Facebook


41. Anything in the name of diversity is OK in Holyoke. Even shitting all over white people. 


Oppressed Holyoke High School Student Delivers Racist Speech Shitting On White Women’s Cooking At Puerto Rican Heritage Assembly

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