• Turns Out Ginger Cheesehog Anna Storelli Used To Be Skinny, Got A Boobjob, Has Multiple Restraining Orders And Snapped After 2 Week Virtual Reality Experiment In College

    We’ve got A LOT more information on that crazy chick who wigged out in a California restaurant over a guy kissing his girlfriend.

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    So this latest viral video, with the girl losing her mind in the middle of a crowded restaurant, has begged the question: “Who is this ginger cheesehog and what the hell is wrong with her?”

    Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.10.13 AM

    My initial reaction to watching her was thinking I would have punched her in the face. However, the more I looked in to this chick, I found myself wondering why she’s not getting medical attention. How was she walking the street and not in a rubber room somewhere?

    If you haven’t seen the video I’m talking about, I recommend watching it here.

    You can also read our initial findings about her lunacy in Part One:

    Here is what we’ve found out about her. Some stuff you know, if you’ve been following this story, and some of which I dug up with the help of friends.

    1. She’s an amateur porn star:

    If you’re brave enough to google her name you will see that the woman who lost her mind over a forehead kiss is no stranger to lurid acts. She can be seen dancing around to her own brain-tune, playing with her substantially large cans, while having to lift up her gunt to play with her lady bits. It’s a tough watch. It’s hard to watch someone be so horny and awkward.


    2. She thinks she’s married to Justin Bieber: 

    And they had a rather tumultuous pretend break up in her head. That just have been after she tweeted him pictures of her torpedo knockers.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.32.58 AM

    3. Only ONE person has heard from her since her meltdown:

    One person, who found her through her viral video, sent her a text message pretending to be Justin Bieber. Anna messaged “him” back wanting to meet up immediately.

    4. She’s no stranger to unprovoked confrontation: 

    It seems Anna lost her mind on a woman and her service dog in front of a library in Southern California. The woman she accosted recognized the cheesehog immediately after seeing the video.

    Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.09.30 AM


    5. She’s been caught having conversations with herself before:

    A woman uploaded a Vine a while back of Anna, sitting alone at a restaurant, having a conversation with herself about mermaids.


    6. She was once charged with a hit and run, and has had restraining orders put on her by nearly everyone who has ever encountered her: 


    7. She claims she’s been raped by every man who has ever known her:


    8. She may have lost her mind following a college experiment where she spent 365 hours submerged in virtual reality:

    And the grand reveal: she seems to have lost her mind sometime after she participated in a 365 hour virtual reality performance piece, where she and others immersed themselves in Second Life in order to explore what it would be like become dragons, transgender, Otherkin, furries, and whatever else the person or persons may identify as.

    However, Second Life is kind of like Sims, but where every other person in the game has an avatar representing what they they identify as/want to be. It’s an entire virtual world. You can read about the study here. However, it seems that Anna’s name has been scrubbed from any mention on the page. I’m glad I got screenshots before it was taken down.


    9. She wasn’t always a total cheesehog and probably got had breast implants: 

    It seems that Anna used to be kind of a babe before she mentally snapped. She also had NO boobs in her twenties which, judging by these things, suggests them thangs ain’t real. No way does someone gain 50 pounds in just their chest.


    10. She wasn’t always crazy:

    From what it seems, Anna was pretty smart, driven, and stable up until she snapped after college. She even once held a music teacher spot, worked at DC Comics, and was studying Oceanography. She was gifted in art and music.

    People are theorizing that she is schizophrenic and the timeline of her losing reality happened in her mid-twenties. It all seems to check out.

    I’m assuming that her viral status will die after this. Our intrigue only last so long with these kind of people. However, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. I don’t think she is mentally stable enough to not have continuous outbursts in public and everyone’s got a camera these days.

    Just remember to video it horizontally next time she wigs out.



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    1. Baldie Ketchum

      I would be happy to check and see if the carpet matches the drapes back when she was in her 20’s

      1. I'm ashamed I looked

        She has hardwood floors now, so probably did back then.

      2. Johnny

        She’s still in her 20s, she’s 28.

        1. Heather

          She’s older than that if she was undergrad class of 2010…

          1. Duhhhhhhh

            Apparently you skipped 1st grade math

            1. Heath

              Haha wow. I definitely fucked up on that math, my bad

          2. Jennifer

            She was born in July of 88, so she’s 28 until Iuly. They said it in the article.

      3. NoPleaseGodNo

        You think so search “LOL: That Insane ‘PDA Lady’ Has Porn Videos” and see for yourself, it’s not pretty.

    2. Court

      Didn’t see that coming -no one who follows TBS said ever.

    3. I'm ashamed I looked

      I knew something was up with those breast. Like I said before, it seems her nipples and aerola are missing. Perhaps the doctor forgot to replace them when he was done?

      1. MrytleTheTurtle

        She gained weight, its not a boob job.

    4. Baldie Ketchum

      Kidding, obviously. I imagine it would be like the real life version of the movie Teeth

    5. paul

      And how is this local news

    6. Maggie the Cat

      This is so sad.

    7. Jeff T

      Damn. It is likely she has some serious issues and you’re poking fun at her. Classy.

      1. Duke Westwood

        You must be new around here… Welcome to the internet. Better get a helmet.

      2. Howie

        This serious info was not known at first, this is the second story about her.

      3. The Tim of grim

        Thank you for saying something. I scrolled down to see if anyone would.
        I admit I thought it was funny at first, when it was just one video of her losing it, and it was still ambiguous whether she was crazy or just having a bad day. But once I got to the mermaid video, my smile dropped. And when I saw how much talent and potential she had, my heart broke.
        What’s really sad is that I’m almost sure that if she still looked like she did in those early pictures, everyone would be trying to white night her to safety. But, no. She’s conventionally unattractive, so now she’s just a cheesehog deserving of scorn.
        I’m in this really weird position where I want to do something tangible to protect her and others from herself, but being a stranger on the internet, across the country, I don’t think I have any real options to do anything. But pointing and laughing seems like the lowest response.
        I understood the comic tone in the beginning, but when all the information was laid out and the tone didn’t shift, it became apparent that she isn’t the only involved in this article with personality disorder.

        1. Ashley

          I totally agree! After watching the video, I just thought she was a triggered person reacting to something she didn’t have, but all of this info laid out is pretty sobering. I just kept feeling worse for her as I read on… poor girl.

        2. kt

          @Tim of Grim
          I agree, I’m so glad atleast one person pointed this out. This article is so trashy and catty for the exact reason you stated. I get comedy but this was just all cheap shots at something quite tragic without any self awareness.

          There are so many ads throughout this article trying to sell me merch for this website to the point of being excessive and obnoxious, that and the sub-par journalism make this site look like nothing more than a shameless click-bait site, yet it has the nerve to posture like it’s doing something righteous.

          This points out some interesting tid bits and screencaps, but so much of the content was inaccurately assumed or inferred rather than described objectively. Ethical journalism and integrity, look it up.

    8. Good luck

      She has mental issues, if this is correct. Just being accepted to UCSD is extremely difficult now, hooked into Scripps too. Am familiar I lived there, she was attractive and had it going on. Too bad, she needs help now.

      1. Jacob

        It happens, she could be full blown schizophrenic and not know it. Maybe off her meds if on them at all. Could be myriad of things going on with her. Shit if it was a few years ago, I would say she’s the kind of crazy I need. Now not so much lol. 😉

    9. TRNo6

      This is actually kind of sad. Love the Turtle, but in light of this new info, I think keeping articles up about this woman is a step down for Turtle Riders.

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        If people don’t have our blog then they won’t be informed about what her history is. They will continue judging her for being an awful person, when in fact, she’s just sick.

        1. Mike

          Now you’re righteous? The girl needs help and you exploited the shit out of her to sell ad space. You guys entertain I get that – but don’t pretend what you did was somehow noble to make yourself feel better.

          1. Kelsey

            But they did do something somewhat noble as this was the first article I found when I first went researching the girl myself. I was never going to go in depth as they did though, so they helped change the mind of at least one person?

            1. kt

              That’s fine, but that doesn’t excuse them from having such little regard for ethics and being so full of shit about it.

          2. Phil

            the followup article puts the former into context, there is a difference between making fun of someone with a disability and simply informing people one potentially has a disability. If you think Journalism is exploitation please get a clue.

            1. Mike

              Phil please explain to all of us how you invented journalism…..how TBS somehow qualifies as journalism and what a great moral compass the TBS writers have displayed by their objective nature over the course of the last few years .

              Please….school us all you f*cking dildo.

          3. Jaguwar

            Pfft welcome to the internet. Better get a helmet and a raincoat on.

        2. UncleHoot

          “Cheesehog” just sort of removes any and all credibility from your argument. Sorry. But it sounds like a lot of people here are changing their opinions, which is good. Mental illness destroys lives, and this is very, very sad. I hope she is now getting help, and more than that, I hope she can begin to reclaim the life that her illness has stolen from her, but it doesn’t usually work that way.

          1. T.C.

            Your first sentence X 1000!!!!! Yes.

          2. Jaguwar

            Not sure the two are mutually exclusive, to be honest.
            I know, that’s mean, cry me a river. You know what’s mean? The fact that no one has done a thing about her decline into madness in THREE YEARS. THAT’S mean.

        3. Jim

          You completely exposed a schizophrenic patient along with her long personal history (and phone number) and you’re saying you’re helping her. Maybe a blogger should find your’re phone number, and address and explain why you’re a total sociopath and claim it’s helping you. I hope your trashy add space is worth reaching this new low.

          1. LEISTER


          2. Jaguwar

            You do realize SHE posted it on HER Twitter account, right? And she is NOT a mental patient, legally speaking, yet, so …

        4. Beantown

          And you were so kind about it. Either be a douche who sucks up clickbait. Or be decent. Don’t fucking pretend you’re both.

        5. Girl commenter

          Or actually not the same person you’re alleging, at all. Look at the two photos, are you blind? Just go by the size of the skin under the nose — not the same, unless you want us to believe she got that altered to. When you guys get lawsuits for this shit, do you just claim it’s news satire? Christ.

        6. kt

          ” They will continue judging her for being an awful person”

          What, like what you did in this very article?

          “Ginger Cheesehog”
          You have petty name-calling in your TITLE.

          You’re a hypocrite and a terrible writer.

      2. Jacob

        I feel bad for her now also.

    10. Syb

    11. Roland

      You’re usually right on Turtleboy et al. but the more I look at these photos, the more I’m convinced that they are not the same person. This seems like to radical a transition to be true. Who texted you who claimed to know her?

      1. kt

        Look at this article, do you seriously think this is a reputable news source that does proper due diligence and fact checking?

    12. Mr San Luis Obispo

      She is exhibiting all signings of schizophrenia. I had a roommate last year do a similar thing. He was then taken away by the police and diagnosed with it in a mental hospital

      1. Girl commenter

        I forgot having a roommate once who was likely schizophrenic makes you an expert. Top-notch anecdote, you should be reaching out to medical journals with your keen insight

    13. MrytleTheTurtle

      I used to be thin with no boobs, now I am shaped pretty much like boobs mcgee here. She gained weight thats why she has tits now, no boob job required.

      1. Fiesty Turtle Lady

        I don’t know… Doesn’t seem like enough weight gain to support that amount of titties. They are DD, easily. In her previous pictures she looks to be an A or a very small B. I can say she probably gained about 45lbs to me, that’s what it looks like. Her tits are WAY bigger than her body type. It’s different if she was a lardo with a stomach that was even with her tits, but her tits are definitely much bigger than her mid section.

        1. Jaguwar

          Actually she looks like a dead on B to me, but she’s slouching quite a bit and hardly dressed to show off, you know?

        2. Domarius

          If you google her “porn” pics, you can see she’s put on weight all over, her breasts sit naturally and don’t look out of proportion with her figure. She’s just got big boob genetics, which wouldn’t show when she’s super thin.

    14. E Z

      The “text from Justin” looks fake. The phone number ending in 9 is disconnected. Then in the next screenshot the phone number is fixed? Smells fishy.

      1. tyler

        You’re right. And the timestamp at the bottom of “justin’s” message is different in each screenshot…. Totally faked.

    15. Kelly

      I feel bad for her, wished she would sue those a holes at that college or university for making her sick. I sincerely hope she gets herself checked and medicated because she could one day yell at the wrong person.

      1. Girl commenter

        Lol that’s not how mental illness works.. You need to have a genetic predisposition plus environmental factors and the reality is, most people first show signs in their mid-twenties to forties. No one “made her this way” with a Second Life immersion experiment — maybe if they did that plus LSD every day, like actually altering brain chemistry. Do a little research, it’s 2017….

        1. Karen Black

          I’m in medical school and I can assure you, although a genetic component is common it’s not required. And in regards to showing signs in their 20’s, she did just that. The timeline is spot on regardless of if she the game did anything to her or not.

        2. Karen Black

          I’m in medical school and I can assure you, although a genetic component is common it’s not required. And in regards to showing signs in their 20’s, she did just that. The timeline is spot on regardless of if she the game did anything to her or not.

    16. Jane Doe

      Those are not the same girls. Fat Anna has a mole on her face and brown eyes, skinny Anna has blue. Plus they look so very different.

      I feel bad for skinny Anna’s impressive resume getting clouded by association to this girl.

      1. Girl commenter

        Don’t feel too bad, could be a pretty lucrative lawsuit for the innocent bystander these top-notch journalists roped in. Someone alert the Pulitzer committee!

      2. Jaguwar

        That’s not a mole, that’s a nose piercing.

    17. gentry

      leave this poor woman alone, if you were concerned about her mental state why publish an article and not reach out? anybody who has ever been close to this woman, please come get your friend, kiss her on the forehead, have some compassion. Fuck santa monica btw this kind of behavior is common place in the bay area. dont come here if you cant handle the crazy, yr not worthy.


        Hey Gentry do us all a favor and stay in California you leftist nudnick. Don’t come to east coast the cuz the girls at Dunkin got no idea what a fucking “grande” is .


        Am I the only one that feels bad for the pillows?

    18. Ron

      Look at her disappearing eyebrows. Classic sign of hypothyroidism. Check out how hypothyroidism can express itself as a mental illness (irritability, aggression, sometimes misdiagnosed as schizophrenia or the manic phase of bipolar disorder). Bingo!

      1. Girl commenter

        Damn Ron where’d you get your med degree? Armchair mental health expert over here!

    19. Jim

      You guys are doing a great job kicking a mentally ill person while their down and doing permanent damage to their reputation, telling the world all of their most personal information and history. Even sharing her phone number ( she tweeted it, you’re still not helping. ) I can’t think of a worse thing to happen to a schizophrenic person.

      1. UncleHoot

        She seemed to tweet a handful of different numbers, actually. But yeah, I’m with you 100%. Her twitter was at about 150 followers when I first looked. It’s around 5,000 now.

        Personally, I really hope she’s okay. I can’t imagine how being humiliated in front of the whole world would feel. And do we even know that she uploaded those videos to xhamster? No, we don’t. She could have been the victim of “revenge porn” and the world just made someone else’s crime against her that much worse. Way to go world.

        1. Jaguwar

          …give me a break. You can feel sorry for her on the basis that she may not be random, “current year” kind of crazy, but actually mentally ill. That makes sense. But even if she’s NOT, you’re just showing an astounding amount of stupidity. She humiliated herself. Period.

          Whether or not she could help it is a different question, but she had a very public meltdown and came off as crazy, whether or not that’s a valid medical diagnosis.

          At the very least, let’s acknowledge that she made NO actual sense in that meltdown.
          I hope she’s this close to getting the help she apparently, legitimately needs. I really do. Meantime, let’s not pretend she didn’t have a completely inappropriate, illogical, public outburst. Don’t you try to make people feel guilty for recognizing that fact. And let’s ALSO not forget that for every actually mentally ill person out there having such a meltdown, there are half a dozen or so not-so-crazy people just trying to push an agenda. THAT is why she came to our attention. Go bitch at THOSE people for making it hard to tell the difference, for diluting the meaning of the word “Crazy”.

    20. brian

      Great Article. Perfect example of the mental health epidemic going on in this country.

    21. Annabella

      She may have been live streaming when she was talking about mermaids, like on Periscope or something…

    22. Ty

      Yeah she’s got problems but we all making fun of mental health issues. I know we have those days where we call people crazy when we get mad but she actually is crazy. This is like calling a Person with Down Syndrome stupid.

      1. Jaguwar

        That appears to be true. Problem is, there are way too many people just like her in appearance (yelling and screaming about how victimized they are, in particular) who are absolutely NOT clinically mentally ill. Hard to tell the difference these days. When she pulled the “sexual harassment” card, that’s exactly what I thought, and I’m pretty sure the vast majority of us thought so too.

    23. Jaguwar

      Interesting: 4Chan removed a thread about her. Hmmm…
      For those saying “That’s not her!” try Google searching pictures of her. I’m telling you, it’s the same girl. There are others of her a little in between weights. It’s the SAME face.

    24. Quin Browne

      You mention repeatedly that she has mental problems, yet, show no understand or concern since you juxtapose those comments with fairly intense insults, including cheesehog, and describing her performance in porn.

      I was bowled over by the event that was filmed, yet, hearing more about her fragile mental state, I feel her pain.

      Perhaps you should remember, it never hurts to be kind. And, no, I won’t respond to any follow-up comments made.

    25. Joshua Bailey

      From what i found she is gina or has used it as an alias

    26. Jules

      Please all Send out a prayer jthat she isn’t alone in this harsh world and that those that care can intervene in her life and get her to psychiatric unit for evaluation and medicated. This isn’t funny but a very dangerous symptom of a psychotic break She can hurt herself or others

    27. Domarius

      Now that I’ve read who she was, I’m actually sad that a person can go from that to this. We always strive to better ourselves and talk about success stories about people getting into shape and improving their lives, and here’s one which did the complete reverse…

    28. Matthew W

      Why does God waste red hair on crazy women?

    29. Brooke

      Her boobs weren’t that small when she was thin..

    30. Travis

      It is possible for women to have breasts that large even if she did gain 50 pounds only on her chest, that happens to some people and everyone’s body is different it’s also Cuz she got kinda chubby so she obviously got bigger breasts from gaining weight and also she didn’t get a boob job I can tell those are 100% natural they aren’t fake if they are fake they don’t sag and don’t hang down and will appear perfectly spherical. She just has large breasts from weight gain and it looked like she always had big boobs depending on the given images so it’s more than obvious she hasn’t had a boobjob more like a lard job lol

    31. asgard

      Only one person immersed themselves in Second Life, and her name was not scrubbed at all. I know this page is all just bait but fuck this is so inaccurate.

    32. ian

      Liberal universities keep destroying the minds of normal women…

    33. Jonathan

      Hey turtleboysports,
      I have had contact with Ana very recently. I have the REAL texts, voicemails, and pictures to prove it. Please contact me if interested

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        Email me at [email protected]

    34. Meggzy

      Lol babe? She looks average in those early pics if you think thats a babe then you need to get out more.

      1. Domarius

        Not necessarily – good curvy figures can be hard to find if that’s what you’re into, it’s always great to see really huge boobs and a round booty, with a reasonably hourglass figure, even with some weight on. Plus some guys really like redheads. Even if she has a plain face, if those boxes are ticked, a girl can qualify as a babe for guys who find those things a turn on.

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