Turns Out Ginger Cheesehog Anna Storelli Used To Be Skinny, Got A Boobjob, Has Multiple Restraining Orders And Snapped After 2 Week Virtual Reality Experiment In College

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So this latest viral video, with the girl losing her mind in the middle of a crowded restaurant, has begged the question: “Who is this ginger cheesehog and what the hell is wrong with her?”


My initial reaction to watching her was thinking I would have punched her in the face. However, the more I looked in to this chick, I found myself wondering why she’s not getting medical attention. How was she walking the street and not in a rubber room somewhere?

If you haven’t seen the video I’m talking about, I recommend watching it here.

You can also read our initial findings about her lunacy in Part One:

Ginger Cheesehog From Viral Video Of Meltdown Over Forehead Kiss Is Also An Amateur Porn Star Who Thinks She’s Married To Justin Bieber And Says Racist Things To Selena Gomez

Here is what we’ve found out about her. Some stuff you know, if you’ve been following this story, and some of which I dug up with the help of friends.

1. She’s an amateur porn star:

If you’re brave enough to google her name you will see that the woman who lost her mind over a forehead kiss is no stranger to lurid acts. She can be seen dancing around to her own brain-tune, playing with her substantially large cans, while having to lift up her gunt to play with her lady bits. It’s a tough watch. It’s hard to watch someone be so horny and awkward.


2. She thinks she’s married to Justin Bieber: 

And they had a rather tumultuous pretend break up in her head. That just have been after she tweeted him pictures of her torpedo knockers.


3. Only ONE person has heard from her since her meltdown:

One person, who found her through her viral video, sent her a text message pretending to be Justin Bieber. Anna messaged “him” back wanting to meet up immediately.

4. She’s no stranger to unprovoked confrontation: 

It seems Anna lost her mind on a woman and her service dog in front of a library in Southern California. The woman she accosted recognized the cheesehog immediately after seeing the video.


5. She’s been caught having conversations with herself before:

A woman uploaded a Vine a while back of Anna, sitting alone at a restaurant, having a conversation with herself about mermaids.


6. She was once charged with a hit and run, and has had restraining orders put on her by nearly everyone who has ever encountered her: 


7. She claims she’s been raped by every man who has ever known her:


8. She may have lost her mind following a college experiment where she spent 365 hours submerged in virtual reality:

And the grand reveal: she seems to have lost her mind sometime after she participated in a 365 hour virtual reality performance piece, where she and others immersed themselves in Second Life in order to explore what it would be like become dragons, transgender, Otherkin, furries, and whatever else the person or persons may identify as.

However, Second Life is kind of like Sims, but where every other person in the game has an avatar representing what they they identify as/want to be. It’s an entire virtual world. You can read about the study here. However, it seems that Anna’s name has been scrubbed from any mention on the page. I’m glad I got screenshots before it was taken down.


9. She wasn’t always a total cheesehog and probably got had breast implants: 

It seems that Anna used to be kind of a babe before she mentally snapped. She also had NO boobs in her twenties which, judging by these things, suggests them thangs ain’t real. No way does someone gain 50 pounds in just their chest.


10. She wasn’t always crazy:

From what it seems, Anna was pretty smart, driven, and stable up until she snapped after college. She even once held a music teacher spot, worked at DC Comics, and was studying Oceanography. She was gifted in art and music.

People are theorizing that she is schizophrenic and the timeline of her losing reality happened in her mid-twenties. It all seems to check out.

I’m assuming that her viral status will die after this. Our intrigue only last so long with these kind of people. However, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. I don’t think she is mentally stable enough to not have continuous outbursts in public and everyone’s got a camera these days.

Just remember to video it horizontally next time she wigs out.



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