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Weymouth Crisco Magnet Robs Store An Hour After Asking The Clerk If He Can Charge His Phone In The Same Store

Weymouth Crisco Magnet Robs Store An Hour After Asking The Clerk If He Can Charge His Phone In The Same Store

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Source: Police said a 23-year-old Weymouth man entered CITGO Gas Station/Super Shine Car Wash on Main Street Tuesday night to ask a clerk if he could charge his cell phone on an electrical outlet and left the shop but returned to commit an armed robbery. Police charged Gregory D. Cranshaw Jr., 165 Green St., was charged with armed robbery in connection with the incident that occurred shortly before 10:10 p.m, according to police. An officer’s redacted report stated Cranshaw asked the clerk if he could charge a cell phone in a waiting area of the car wash, prior to the robbery. Cranshaw then left the shop and returned an hour later to commit the robbery, according to police.

″(The clerk) stated he was inside the gas station booth looking at his phone when he observed a male party with a dark long sleeve hoodie style sweat shirt,” police said. “This male was further observed running toward the booth where (the clerk) was standing while carrying what he described as an asp (baton) in an open position in such a fashion as to be able to immediately strike him.”

Police said the clerk stated he ran from the booth when Cranshaw approached him to a nearby liquor store and asked the owner to call police. ″(The clerk) stated that he believes the guy that robbed him came to the gas station approximately one hour earlier and asked if he could charge his phone in the waiting area for the car wash as an electrical outlet was located in the room,” police said. Police said the clerk stated Cranshaw’s demeanor was the same as the man who came to the shop an hour earlier who asked him if he could charge his phone.

Cranshaw was apprehended on Fountain Lane in a parked blue Toyota Camry that he attempted to hide in, according to police. “Mr. Gregory Cranshaw was found in the immediate vicinity of the robbery during the same time frame sweating profusely while removing his clothing and then attempting to hide in the back seat of a motor vehicle,” police said.

The clerk reported that upon returning to the booth he discovered approximately $10 to $12 in loose change missing that was on the counter, according to police.

Police said the clerk reported a package of L&M Menthol cigarettes and an open package of L&M Menthol Bold that had been on the counter were also missing. Police said an array of coins was found by an officer in the Toyota’s backseat pocket. A package of L&M cigarettes was also found on the backseat cushion, according to police. Police said a package of L&M Menthol Bold cigarettes were found in the parking lot of a business in the area where Cranshaw was last seen running.

 “Additionally, this pack of cigarettes were identified by the victim as the pack he purchased earlier during the day as they were open and missing several cigarettes,” police said. “Additionally, the victim identified the second pack of cigarettes found inside the motor vehicle occupied by the defendant as his brand as well.”

Police said Cranshaw, upon being arrested, had two warrants issued by Quincy District Court for breaking and entering into a boat and larceny under $250, in addition to a warrant for leaving the scene of property damage.

This mother fucker has to be the dumbest son of a bitch in Weymouth. And that’s not an easy crown to obtain. But this is how you do it. You go into a place you know you’re gonna rob an hour later and ask them to charge your cell phone. Then you come back to get your phone with a baton, allow the clerk to leave, and grab a pack of cigarettes and $12 in change. Oh, and make sure you only run a block away and hide in a car. Because the cops will never find you there.

Guess who his favorite sportball club is…….

You’ll never guess….


As you can see this Crisco magnet likes to turn his face into Pube State Forest and has mastered the art of the bathroom selfie. These are prerequisites if you wish to don the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat. Or any flat brimmed hat for that mater.

Don’t worry though, he’s still got his court clothes from his last appearance:

Mom is not gonna be happy about having to pay his fines again though.

Hey shithead, next time you rob a store make sure your phone is charged first. Or just rob the store with a dead battery. Or just charge it somewhere else. Anywhere BUT the place you’re about to rob.


We urge you to support the following local businesses. 

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