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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #20-11

Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #20-11

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20. It’s OK to rob 93 year old ladies, as long as you have the “disease.”


Meet Markell Cruz And Kayla Brown: The Quincy Junkboxes Who Robbed And Assaulted A 92 Year Old Woman And Pretended To Be A Good Samaritan Afterwards



19. White kids from New Hampshire in Lawrence at 2 AM? Might as well have a bullseye on them


Viral Video Of Minivan Full Of NH White Kids Looking For Drugs In Lawrence And Getting Yelled At By Lawrence Cops Has The “Fuck The Police” Crew Fired Up



18. Tony Deyoung does what he wants, when he wants. 


New Hampshire Rapper Tony DeYoung Is Threatening To Beat Up Any Woman Who Criticizes His Flow Because He’s All About The Money And Signing $5 Million Deal



17. Kyle Kennedy is the idea prison boyfriend. 


Aaron Hernandez’ Wigtactacular Prison Boyfriend From Uxbridge Is Everything You Dreamed He Would Be And More


16. Hey guys, it’s called “sex on the beach,” not “sex in the ocean in front of horrified children.”


Here Are Dennis Dinky Ticklers Who Were Busted Midthrust Banging In Front Of Children 100 Feet From Shore



15. The most infamous panhandler of all time. 


Burlington Mall Sleeping Fupaslug Panhandler Has Been Working That Corner For Years With Her Gravy Dumpster Boy Toy And She Sent Us A Hilarious FB Message



14. We named names. 


The Punks Who Viciously Beat 4 Milton Kids Play Sports In The Quincy Schools, Including Star Basketball Player Of North Quincy Who Flunked Out Of Quincy HS



13. White girl problems. 


Meet Logan Huysman: Burlington SJW Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Cop, Body Cam Reveals She’s The Worst Assnugget Who Has Ever Lived



12. Best. Prank. Ever. 


Moron Babysitter Falls Asleep On Couch While Watching Toddlers, Dad Walks In And Takes Kids To Teacher Her Lesson, She Wakes Up And Waits Almost Two Hours To Calls Cops




11. This is why the cops investigate murders and not Facebook detectives. 


Missing 18 Year Old In Connecticut Has Turned Into The Greatest Internet Speculation Mystery Of All Time

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