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  • Meet Markell Cruz And Kayla Brown: The Quincy Junkboxes Who Robbed And Assaulted A 92 Year Old Woman And Pretended To Be A Good Samaritan Afterwards

    Meet Markell Cruz And Kayla Brown: The Quincy Junkboxes Who Robbed And Assaulted A 92 Year Old Woman And Pretended To Be A Good Samaritan Afterwards

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    A couple days ago a 92 year old woman was assaulted and robbed in Quincy by some junkbox, when a “good samaritan” came along and helped her out afterwards. Turns out the good samaritan was really just a junkbox coconspirator:

    I guess the lesson here is simple – never, ever buy the Boston Globe.

    Luckily we now know their names, which can only mean one thing – time for an old school Turtleboy public shamefest!!

    Meet Markell Cruz and his main bitch Kayla Noel Brown:

    When they’re not robbing and assaulting little old ladies you can find them fornicating behind a dumpster of any local Chinese restaurant where they anxiously await the arrival of their next meal. Ya see, they have the “disease.” But he was clean for all of five minutes back in September and thus had earned the right to act like some sort of wise elder statesman who had actually overcome addiction:

    Now they’re back to robbing and assaulting 92 year old women so they can finance their “disease.” It’s totally not their fault either. Sure, they could target someone younger who could actually fight back. But they need that money NOW because Diego got that new package of blue magic and he’s not giving out free testers anymore. And the “disease” makes you target people who don’t have the physical capabilities to stop you from robbing them. They had no choice.

    Meanwhile she has 2 children, neither of whom she as custody of. But she likes to show the baby off at “meetings” where she brags about how sober she is:

    What about the older kid?

    Looks like getting high was more important than raising your child. Not her fault though.

    So sick of the excuses from the junkbox enablers. You’re literally going to bat for human garbage that assaults 92 year old women on walkers who have the misfortune of living around these useless slugrakes. Remember this the next time someone whines about Turtleboy being mean to junkies. We care about little old ladies. Able bodied junkies who put their own selfish desires over their families and the well being of strangers can take a one way trip to ratchet island and never be seen again for all I care.

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    1. Bleh

      GAF ‘male’ and male transsexual presenting as female show that they are also sub-human by attacking a 92 year old woman.

      I am sorry to say that my first thought was, “I hope their jail cells are filled with bikers who love their own grandmas.”

      1. RK

        I was thinking the same thing. He looks like a chick. She looks like a dude

    2. Justice for All

      Hey, Boston Globe….Step up. How about offering this woman home delivery free of charge? She’s 92!!!

      1. Disgusted

        Scum loosers are pisti g how grest her homegroup is on facebook then commits a scumm bag crime like that. practice what you preach ya scum..try the 11th tradition.for starters…thow shalt not use to press tv or face book

        1. Disgusted

          Why dont she sell her soul to satin and get on her knees instead of beating and robbing an old lady..or even the tuff guy boyfriend go rob a drug dealer you scum sucking leach ..leave somebodys grandmother alone..dont worry they will end up getting cought and they dont take a liking to people why commit crimes like this on old ladys…they will get theres eventually…

      2. LinzHarleyjoker

        WOW ! What a dirtbag the first thing I thought of was my nana. 92 years old? Smh. Get help you look like strung out greyhound and lost two kids Smh Those children deserve so much more than that junkie. I heard ppl doing messed up stuff on that shit but not an innocent 92 yr old women. Smh
        Oh yea. She used to try and sleep with my fiancé. She was on a dating site I think that’s was how they started talking. It was when we broke up. Nothing but nasty hoe. Nothing but a Home-wrecker. There’s not a day that goes by That I don’t think of my ex.
        Reading this legit just gave me the chills. Probably has the

        1. Hep

          99.9% chance of HIV. HEP C 100% positive. She already did the ribavirin treatment and it came back. She spreads that just as much as she spreads her legs. If it’s possible that your ex touched this walking pin cushion, and that you may have touched him after, please go and get yourself checked. Hepatitis C is a lot easier to get then people know

          1. Linzharley

            Wow! I got checked right when we broke up. I was good. Had nothing. But I do know it can take years before u find out. I’m so disgusted! And of course he slept with her. He will sleep with any girl he can. Nasty bitch! I hope she didn’t give him anything
            Cause he has ben with a lot of women since we broke up. I feel bad if he gives it to the other girls. Fuck him he knew she was a gross junkie. But thank you
            I will have to go get checked again. Smh
            Slam pig horse teeth transgender. She was a man. I wanna throw up
            Doesn’t get much grosser than her.

            1. RottenBeefFlaps

              Did you guys see on the 7news website today the grandfather of Kayla said “he was controlling her with drugs”……ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? How about NO.

              We all swear she fucks her Grand-daddy….she lives with him, has her nasty sex dates there….We all KNOW she is NOT being controlled, in fact she is the number one controller in almost every relationship. This disgusting waste of human life has torn apart her own family.

            2. kaylasucks

              She def sleeps with the grandfather. She accused him of molestation and abuse before- unnamed sources close to her suspect it’s consentual….

    3. JAF

      Is it me or do these two hamster holes look EXACTLY alike, except for eye color? Kinda like Michael and Janet. They are probably cousins if not brother and sister .

      1. Carlene

        The second I saw their picture, I said the exact same thing

      2. Lisa

        It’s entirely plausible even likely that there is some serious inbreeding going down in these neighborhoods. There are people who have never left this zip code in my Baltimore neighborhood.

        1. LocalYokel

          I only serves to reason its harder to keep track with all the brothers from another mother and sisters from another mister. Or as my pops said: “If its your babby’s momma, then fucking marry it”

      3. ElJefe72

        It’s all relative.

      4. Harry

        I’m an addict and have done things I’m not proud of to get money for drugs but I would never do anything like this…. No matter how sick I was this would never cross my mind…. Disgusting

        1. Donald J. Trummp

          Get help!

    4. ZZ

      Unemployed beaner block hopping spic loser living off his white trash Dunkin Donuts cum dumpster.

    5. Publius

      The Star Chamber must speak. The Massachusetts courts have no ability to deal with this. The legislature no stomach for it. The party that controls the legislature gorging on illegal per diems Thanksgiving week. The Star Chamber must speak.

    6. Finn

      This hits home for me. That woman could have been killed easily. What if she had heart problems? They fractured her sternum. Fuck. I can’t imagine that type of pain – never mind at 92. I’m so ashamed to type this, but, my brother recently beat up my 78 year old dad (no motive except drunkenness). My dad is former cop and Marine, uses a cane and has an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator). A once strong man lives his life physically weaker and there is no shame in that. Cycle of life. Shitbags that take advantage of people who can’t defend themselves are up there with pedos.

      On a lighter note – hey Sasha, you look Gisele Bunchen’s brother. Only uglier.

      1. Justice for All

        II’m so sorry. I hope your brother is serving time.

        1. Finn

          Thanks. This just happened. #shitshow Thankfully, my dad has a support system that won’t let this go away.

      2. SASHA

        Ummm… I know you’re not talking to me right? I’m like, gorgeous and shit.

        1. Brian Wilson

          Yeah, with those horse teeth you have too, right Sasha?

    7. Carlene

      Burn these scumbags
      They should be ordered to watch the video of what they did, to that poor woman, over and over.
      I hope that they run out of narcan, if these assholes ever need it.

      1. Finn


    8. Chucky

      so are they swapping genders? because the dude looks like a dyke, and the girl looks like a horse-faced tranny. pieces of shit. I wish narcan didn’t exist.

    9. Wwy

      Playing the Jew card in jewmerica no,lol.

      1. Maine Vein

        Come on folks, Merkel Lose and Gayla Down have a disease, like TBS said. You cannot help it when you beat or toss down a 90-yr old. BUT, BUT Gayla has a conscience, she went back and comforted their quarry. IMO, this is the same as when I shot a Moose and lop of the wind pipe to see all the innards drop out. Am I doing it for the moose or the heat of the moose in the usually sub zero whether? I bet Gayla was really just seeing if the lady was holding out. Why else would Merkel stay hidden behind the dumpster for so long, I would have thought he would have been running right over to Rico Cheeno’s house on Newport Ave to score that 1/2 brick. So let’s be sensitive to everyone’s needs here folks. Merkel and Gayla need to fix, Cheeno needs to do business, and Old lady needs to give it up. How else does this go down in good ol’ North Quincy, any stain spot off Hancock St. I bet these two will be honing their skills looking for that centurian to rip off. That makes the high all that much better.

        Sasha is a MILF though. So much negativity in TBS, we should have MILF and DILF night too for some positivity. There’s got to be some good left in our Mass-AH-Chew-Zits. Sundays maybe? lol.

    10. Stunt Penis

      Her face aside, that chick has a smoking hot body which could keep a man quite satisfied for a while, assuming she has the proper attitude to use it to keep her man satiated. Too bad its wasted on that dork, and on drugs. In 5 years she’ll be just another bust-out.

      1. Gina

        Smokin’ body? She’s AIDS like skinny without a tit in sight…if you like fucking a sketon she is your gal

        1. Stunt Penis

          Don’t be hatin’ ‘cuz men like skinny chicks and you’re fat. Put down the bag of cheetos, get off the couch, and get on an elliptical machine.

          1. frank

            gota luv that tramp stamp tho.Thats a deft Framingham joba

            1. Bill Thompsonelle

              They always have money for tattoos!!!

        2. SASHA

          I disagree. She’s gross. If you’d like to see her nude go to usasexguide.info —- go to the Boston streetwalker section, then search “kayla quincy” – theres evidentiary support that her body is not “smokin hot” there. You’re welcome.

    11. Rich

      According to Fox 25 this morning, the pair has not been identified. Another win for Turtleboy!!

      1. #theygonnagetaway

        So this means we all know, and there’s time to earn these two into hiding. Has someone called to turn them in yet or not?

    12. gfldgadfly

      Masslive’s finest just published an “article” asking for the public’s help solving this whodunit.
      I’m obviously IP banned from posting there for eternity…. *sigh… I just try to help them remember how to Grammar….
      Clearly Michelle Williams has never ridden the turtle. Or looked in a mirror…. gawd, that lipstick, though!

    13. Sue

      Are are both scum, don’t give a
      crap if they have a problem or not!

    14. ImJustTheNewGirlHere

      I just KNEW this day would come! This is the SAME Kayla Brown I emailed you guys about!!!!

    15. Skullface

      I’ve known Markell for a long time, and he’s always been pretty scummy. All that being said, how does the writer of this article know it was Markell? I see no official statement from the police that list him or the girl as suspects, only the assertion from this site. If it was him, I hope he burns in hell. I never liked him anyway. But I see people dogpiling him on Facebook with no evidence except for because Turtleboy said it was him.

    16. […] news folks – the junkboxes we exposed for robbing and and assaulting a 92 year old woman in Quincy are in […]

    17. Christina Golden

      In a way I am really not shocked to read and see this sad news. I used to be best friends with her when we were younger. She was always addicted to something whether it was pills, cigarettes, men. She would often flirt with my ex.
      I am not surprised it came to this, I am really not. What a sad life she lives now. She had a chance of normalcy when she was dating Nick. What a shame.

      1. Gerlad Homer

        Yah but Christina Golden, Nick ended up being a psycho diddler himself. He boned my best friends little sister, she couldnt have been any older than 12 at the time. Sure she looked 13 maybe 14, but hey, got to card these chicks sometimes. Their hormones are racing on 90, cant take advantage, have to be sure they are of age. Of course in South Shore, every little girl is one laino away from being a grandmother in 5 years.

        1. Christina Golden

          That’s crazy, I didn’t know that. I guess when nick and Kayla first met she wasn’t on hard drugs then like heroin however when she was pregnant with his kid (which died inside her) she was smoking weed and popping pain meds. What a screwed up life. Like I said, she had an equal chance of a normal life but this is the path she chose.

    18. […] who conspired with her junkbox boy toy to rob and assault a 92 year old Quincy woman, who then pretended to be a “good samaritan” after her part in the […]

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