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  • Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #30-21

    Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #30-21

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    30. It’s like judges in Massachusetts want innocent people to die. Like doctors. 



    29. The legend herself.




    28. Aaron Hernandez’ prison bitch literally sold his soul, and we have the receipts to prove it.



    27. Cult. 




    26. When trying to impress your girlfriend goes horribly wrong. 




    25. When you do something like this it’s never good for business. 




    24. Kill it with fire. 




    23. Here’s two candidates for ratchet island. 




    22. Have you been sexually harassed by the Leominster Butterfluffer? If not, you’re the first. 




    21. This is why Fall River has its own gravitational pull.  


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