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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #30-21

Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #30-21

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30. It’s like judges in Massachusetts want innocent people to die. Like doctors. 


Double Murderer Bampumim Teixeira Was Given 364 Day Sentence From Judge Lisa Grant On Bank Robbery Charge So He Wouldn’t Be Deported On His Green Card


29. The legend herself.


Fall River Guttermuppet Starts GoFundMe Because She’s A Single Mom Who Does Nothing But Post On Facebook… And You Can Guess Where This Is Going… 



28. Aaron Hernandez’ prison bitch literally sold his soul, and we have the receipts to prove it.


Aaron Hernandez’ Prison Boyfriend Kyle Kennedy Legally Sold His Soul In Juvey, Is Friends With The Uxbridge Gypsies, And Made Lots Of Gay Jokes On Facebook


27. Cult. 


Moms Of The South Shore: Brainwashed Cult Of Facebook Nazi Mean Girls With Evil Dictator Who Uses Them For GoFundMe Scams For Free Florida Trips



26. When trying to impress your girlfriend goes horribly wrong. 


Chudstuffer Tells Baby Momma Tall Tale About Saving Girl From Abduction At Water Wizz, Her Post Goes Viral, Turns Out It Was All A Lie



25. When you do something like this it’s never good for business. 


Lynn Coffee Shop Manager: No Coffee With A Cop Allowed Because Cops Are Slave Catching Murderers Who Shouldn’t Be Humanized



24. Kill it with fire. 


Let’s Give This Costume-Stealing Trash Banshee From Connecticut Some Turtleboy Justice For Stealing $500 Elsa And Anna Dresses From A Girl Who Spends Her Days Off Making Sick Kids Smile



23. Here’s two candidates for ratchet island. 


10 Things To Know About The Slugpumps Who Killed Their Baby And Put Him/Her In A Trashbag Behind Their Worcester House



22. Have you been sexually harassed by the Leominster Butterfluffer? If not, you’re the first. 


Leominster Butterfluffer Has Messaged Half The Women In Worcester County Offering To Pay Them For Noodz



21. This is why Fall River has its own gravitational pull.  


Fall River 700lbs King Cheesehog, Featured On TLC’s My 600lbs Life, Was Once Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering A Pizza – Has Videos Of Him Abusing Nurses the “N” Word And Laughing At Tax Payers For Having To Work To Feed Him And Buy Him Stuff While He Gets Famous

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