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The 2017 Turtleboy Naughty List #90-81

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The 2017 Turtleboy Naughty List #90-81

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Merry Christmas Turtle Riders!! For a special Christmas treat we’re counting down the 100 naughtiest Turtleboy famous slugpumps, fupasloths, and cheesehogs from 2017. Here’s #90-81…..


90. Mark James

Newflash – being a 32 year old guy who reads sport highlights on cable TV after getting fired from many previous cable TV jobs, does not in fact make women lucky to have sex with you.



89. Michael Bennett

If you’re gonna say an entire police force full of racist cops threatened to blow your head off simply because you’re black, then you should probably make sure you didn’t think them in a video after temporarily being detained for questioning because you ran through a casino during an active shooter situation.



88. Fitchburg Kid Cock

Road rage is bad. Road rage involving cock thrusts in Fitchburg will get you on Turtleboy’s naughty list.



87. Chad Reidy

Piece of shit killed himself days after we called him out for murdering Jo Ringer, after obvious crocodile tears interview with the news.




86. New Hampshire Poopsmoochers

If you’re a Patriots fan and you see Roger Goodell, and you don’t tell him to go fuck himself, then you’re not really a Patriots fan.



85. Tora White

When you show up to protest Nazis in Boston, but the only Nazis are you and the other people who threaten and assault people you disagree with.



84. Dylan Fernandes

If you’re gonna be a 26 year old progressive, democratic State Rep, rising in your party, make sure you clean your Facebook page out of all racial and sexual slurs first.


Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 2.03.35 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 2.03.14 PM



83. Trenni Kusnierek

If you’re gonna embarrass yourself by going on TV and having your head blown off because you’re so mad at Turtleboy, make sure you don’t wear an outfit that makes you look like a Christmas present.



82. Newton Leaf Nazi Wrinklestiltskin

Landscapers are trying to do a job, but God forbid they interrupt a 68 year old rich white woman while she sits on her porch all day pretending to have a real job.


81. Franklyn Abreau the Swampscott Swamp Donkey

Not sure what’s worse – being able bodied and parking in a handicapped spot, or assaulting an elderly guy who calls you out on it.



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