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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #60-51

Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #60-51

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60. Our biggest food stamp Friday blog on the year, in a story that had twists and turns galore. 


Food Stamp Friday: Agawam Fapjuicer Selling $75 Worth Of EBT For $50 While Flashing $100 Bills, Driving Stolen Cars, And Robbing Tip Jars At Pizza Shop



59. Turtleboy was the first to break the good news that the man who killed Vanessa Marcotte was finally arrested nine months after the murder. 


Sources: Vanessa Marcotte’s Murderer Arrested Last Night After DNA Match, Held On $10 Million Bail



58. Dartmouth Yogapoon declares war on her competitors, calls them all racist because she’s teaching a class in a sweatshop that she’s not licensed to teach. 


Ghettofabulous Dartmouth Yogapoon Starts Unlicensed Yoga Classes, Gets Called Out, Blames Racism And Goes Full Ratchet On Facebook And Instagram



57. Braintree helicopter Mom makes matters much worse. 


Braintree Mom Doubles Down: Messages Turtleboy, Accuses Us Of Not Reporting Whole Story, We Offer To Share Her Side, She Refuses



56. Celia tries to have Turtleboy offed in exchange for erotic carnal favors. 


Holden Ratchet Mom Tried Hiring A Hitman Break Turtleboy’s Knees And Is Willing To Pay With Erotic Carnal Favors, So We’d Like To Invite Her On Turtleboy Live Tomorrow Night



55. Mother of teen who put a baby in the fridge on snapchat is the trainwreck you knew she would be.  


We Named The Idiot Teenager That Put A Baby In The Fridge & Her Fartbox Mother Is The WORST



54. Fupamoms take on all sorts of ratchets in epic Bristol brawl. 


This Fupa-laden Bristol Mom-Teenager Brawl At A Public Park Is The Most Ratchet Fight Video We’ve Ever Seen And Explains Why Aaron Hernandez Turned Into An Animal




53. The tolerance patrol strikes again! Take that Nazis!!


Meet Tora White, Ryan White, Lindsey Medeiros, And Cameron Ashes – The Fascists Who Assaulted And Kicked Out A Free Speech Advocate At The Boston Common




52. The Foodstampopotamus


Rare Breed Of Pajama Clad Foodstampotamus Spotted In New Bedford Yelling “Free My Son N Word” As Career Criminal Gets Arrested For Selling Drugs With Toy Guns



51. When trying to be the cool mom goes way, way, way too far. 


Worcester Meat Wallet Mom Buyz Booze For Teen Daughter’s Lingerie Party After Helping Her Jump Rival Teen Ratchets And Engaging In Facebook Beef





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