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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #80-71

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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #80-71

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80. “Jules, pick up my crack.” 


Brockton 2 On 1 Crackbunny Fight Will Go Down In History As The Greatest Video Ever To Appear On The Internet



79. I’m totally not racist. 


Pregnant Norwood Spunktrumpet Mom Says Racist Stuff To Black Chicks, Tries To Fight Them All, Changes FB Picture To “I Stand Against Racism,” Messages Pics Of Black Friends



78. Just an 11 year old boy curbstomping another child in broad daylight. Your average Tuesday in Plumley Village. 


Video Of 11 Year Old Kid Repeatedly Curbstomping Another Kid In Plumley Village Is The Most Disturbing Video We’ve Ever Seen



77. Possibly two of the most ratchet broads who have ever existed, fighting over the a career slugrake criminal’s baby juices. 


Fall River Trap Queens Who Just Gave Birth To DCF Babies Culminate Ongoing War For Right To Bone Imprisoned Baby Daddy With Cat Fight And Ghettofabulous Run On Sentences



76. This is why you can’t let your kids go to school with Celia’s kids. 


Kids Blowing Lines On Video At Northbridge High School Sold To Them By Celia McAuliffe’s Daughter Who Beat The Shit Out Of A Girl Last Year And Is Mad At Snitches



75. If you’re going to visit your murdering friend in jail in Maine, don’t beg strangers on Facebook for a ride in exchange for weed. 


Fitchburg Chick Will Smoke You Up And Buy You Subway If You Give Her And Her Boyfriend A Ride To Visit Her Murderer Friend In A Maine Prison



74. Is what she did illegal? That was for a judge to decide. But her twisted text messages urging her boyfriend to kill himself made her guilty in the court of public opinion. 


The Text Messages Michelle Carter Sent Her Boyfriend Urging Him To Kill Himself Are The Most Sadistic, Twisted Things You Will Ever Read



73. I would almost definitely hire this woman to clean my house if I had $300 to spare. God bless America. 


This Uxbridge Stripper Mom Who Will Clean Your House Naked For $300 With Some Touching Seems Like A Great Value



72. We called that it was her husband before anyone. A week after writing this blog he killed himself. Our first official turtle-induced suicide. 


Clarksburg Woman Has Been Missing For Over A Month And People Are Starting To Look At Her Husband For Saying Shady Things On Facebook


71. What are the odds that the same race baiting activist would be the lone victim of racial hate crimes, over, and over, and over again?


Westfield State Is A Joke: Girl Who Lied About Getting Jumped By 3 White Guys, Got Campus Shutdown When White Guy With Backpack Was Seen Walking, Same Girl Who Wrote Racial Slurs On Her Own Door



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