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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #70-61

Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #70-61

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70. Everyone in America was talking about the lynching of a 8 year old boy in Claremont. Turns out it was all just a GoFundMe scam. 


The 8 Year Old Boy Who Was “Lynched” By Racist White Kids In Claremont Is Actually White, And Mom Is Cooking Up Racism Lies For The GoFundMe



69. The Dartmouth Yogapoon’s elderly boy boy went to jail and owns half the south shore. 


Turns Out The Dartmouth Race-baiting Yogapoon Lives Like A Bootleg Kardashian Because She’s Banging An Elderly Millionaire Who Went To Jail For Tax Evasion And Owns Half The South Shore



68. This story got better and better the more the Water Wizz Weenie tried to prove to the world that he wasn’t lying about being a parking lot hero. 


Wonder Weenie Of Water Wizz, Who Lied About Kidnapping Heroics, Was Threatened With Arrest By Wareham Cops And You Won’t Believe What For



67. Everyone in the national media was fawning over the lone witness who heard a Red Sox fan call Adam Jones the n word. Turns out Niko wasn’t even in the bleachers that night and punked Mike Lupica for attention. 


This Is The Lying Shitbag Woburn High School Student Who Lied About Being At Fenway And Hearing A Guy Call Adam Jones The N Word


66. If you’re gonna make a viral post about a bad driver, make sure it wasn’t actually you who was the shitty driver. 


Plymouth Snaggle Snatch Gets Her Ass Savagely Handed To Her After The Guy She Called Out For Crappy Driving Sees Her Post And Breaks Down Why She’s An Attention-Starved Liar 



65. The parents who were so concerned about their biracial children being exposed to cops at high five Friday ended up calling the cops for extra security after we blogged about them. 


Northampton Moms Who Got High Five Friday Cancelled Because Cops Traumatize Black Kids Called The Cops On Turtleboy And Asked For More Patrols At Their House



64. Gangsta rappers from the mean streets of Mashpee? Who knew?


We Didn’t Know You Could Be A Hardo Rapper On Cape Cod Until We Found These Amazing Mashpee Rap Videos


63. Turtleboy does the Big E. Again. 


The Big E Round 2: Money Pit Dumpster Fire Of Infomercials, Cow Shit, Fried Dough, And Beautiful People Wearing Spectacular Outfits



62. Chick who fought with some other trashbag at the Patriots parade goes hambeast on Facebook and ends up posting insanely racist things towards anyone who talks shit about her. 


South Shore Sausage Queens Celebrate Patriots Parade By Fighting On Steps In Front Of A Baby And One Of Their BF’s Got Tossed After Punching A Racist Chick In The Face



61. The most ratchet rant video you will ever see. 


This Revere Stripper From Everett Just Made The Most Ratchet, Racially Confused Video Of All Time Where She Brags About Selling Drugs, Whoopin Ass, And “Pussy Poppin”




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