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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #40-31

Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #40-31

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40. When we found out who was responsible for running over a little girl in Methuen, we were shocked to see he fancied the dog filter. Shocked. 


Human Garbage Brian G. Brito Doesn’t Have To Show Face In Court After Murdering Delivery Driver, Raping Clerk At Convenience Store In Lynn And North Andover



39. There’s always that one guy on a hot day. 


Meet Bane Veskovic – The RI Small Business Owner Who Left His Dog In The Car With The Windows Up On A 90 Degree Day While He Shopped At BJ’s



38. Human. Garbage. 


Pat Cote From Dudley Gets Away With Breaking His Ex-GF’s Face While She Was Driving Because The Victim Is Not Pressing Charges



37. This is one way to treat a family member. 


Dorchester Hoodbunny, Who Got In Brawl Over Breakfast, Dragged Victim With Her Car, Has A Lengthy History of Ratchet Street Fights And Is Everything You Thought She Would Be



36. What were the odds the killer would be a ginger?


Twisted Ginger Kevin Weismore’s Affidavit Confession Of Murdering TJ Allen Is The Most Insane Superman Story You Will Ever Hear, And How The Cops Caught Him Is Fascinating


35. Cold as ice to do a bride like this on her wedding day…


Meet Chelsea Allen: The Most Notorious Scam Artist Photographer In America, Stole Thousands From Brides And Mothers While Bring Her Kids Around Drug Dealing Chudstuffer Rapper Boyfriend


34. Gang shit my n word!!


Meet Alexis Aslanian: The Webster Chick From The Water Street Fight Video Who Was Celebrating Her 19th Birthday Getting Served Underage And Wants Us To Take The Blog Down


33. What a trail of destruction this cretin has left behind. 


Meet Weymouth’s Kelly Scamerico: The Radioactive, Section Eight Approved, Overlord Of All The Fupasloths-With Nine GFMs, Disney Trips Galore, And Exploitation Of Her Non-Terminally Ill Kid



32. Things are heating up in at the Billerica firehouse!


It Shouldn’t Matter That This Spicy Dispatcher Boned Half The Billerica Fire Department On Company Time Since We Pay Them To Sleep Sometimes Anyway



31. Quite possibly the biggest news we’ve ever broken at Turtleboy Sports. 


DA Joe Early, Major Susan Anderson Force Troopers To Alter Report For Judge’s Daughter Who Said, “Do You Know How Many People I Had To Blow To Get That,” After Heroin OUI Arrest

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