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  • “Food Stamp Abuse Is Rare”: Here’s A List Of People Selling Food Stamps On Facebook That Turtleboy Has Exposed

    “Food Stamp Abuse Is Rare”: Here’s A List Of People Selling Food Stamps On Facebook That Turtleboy Has Exposed

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    Food stamp abuse is rare. That’s what they tell us every time it gets brought up. And by “they” I mean entrenched politicians who throw food stamps at ratchets in order to keep them trapped in poverty and ensure they’ll keep voting for Jim McGovern. Of course out in reality we know that it’s not rare at all. We see able-bodied people driving nice cars, with nice TV’s, and lobster and steak in the checkout line, using EBT like it’s going out of style. That’s because most of them just make money under the table, don’t report it, don’t pay taxes on it, and thus are eligible for more benefits. Lots of people use their children as virtual EBT magnets. Others are heroin addicts who need cash because Diego doesn’t accept food stamps. And prices they charge range in value depending on how desperate they are to sell.

    So in order to chronicle just how rare EBT abuse is we have decided to put together a master list of all the people we’ve blogged about selling stamps on Facebook. We are going to link this blog next to the ads we have for local businesses so you can go back and reference it whenever you want. We will continue to add to it every time we expose one of those gutterslugs. And if we’ve forgotten anyone from the current list, please feel free to let us know. We live to expose these ratchets.


    24. Overweight Neckbearded Naniburger Says He’s “Starving,” Later That Day Sells Food Stamps For $80 On Facebook.



    23. Fitchburg groupie for band called “Afflicion Bitches” trying to buy food stamps off drug addicts because they “need to hand them over.”



    22. Revere “rapper” moving to Florida looking to sell remaining food stamps because his card won’t work down there


    21. Bootleg record label CEO looking to buy stamps from meth heads


    20. Taunton Thicky Minaj and “natural born hustler” selling her food stamps because she clearly has never missed a meal


    19. Fall River career criminal buying stamps well above market rate on Facebook.



    18. Worcester store owner buying stamps off customers at half price.


    17. Unemployed Worcester rapper using EBT to buy steak dinners in Boston.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.45.49 AM


    16. Greenfield chud magnet with no kids selling stamps at 31% because a new shipment was in, despite having a million arrests and always getting pedicures.  

    Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.11.50 PM


    Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.19.54 PMScreen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.21.33 PMScreen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.21.14 PMScreen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.20.46 PM



    15. Agawam fapjuicer who was recently arrested for driving a stolen car to a dealership and then stealing another car he test drove, is selling stamps at far above market rate while telling people who don’t like it to shut the fuck up.



    14. Worcester man who just got out of jail for hiding an unregistered gun in a library book is selling food stamps on Facebook to raise money for lawyer fees for assaulting family member with door.


    13. Lowell chudstuffer selling his baby momma’s food stamps on Facebook because she can’t due to the fact that she was recently arrested for stealing a coworkers credit card and taking her mentally ill patients on shopping sprees.




    12. Connecticut teacher buying stamps from people who are behind on their bills.


    11. Fam warns woman not to sell food stamps on Facebook because she’ll end up on Turtleboy, but she does it anyway.




    10. Providence couple flashing mad cash, selling off daughter’s toys, and still selling their food stamps on Facebook.



    9. Overweight junkie who clearly doesn’t need any more food, selling food stamps for drug money.


    8. Chick who was kicked out of SMOC housing for never paying rent and had benefits taken away from her gets back on the government dole and immediately sells stamps on Facebook.



    7. Natick dumpsterslugs selling stamps for “diesel” money (heroin), also selling baby formula that you can only purchase with food stamps.




    6. Lowell welfare queen who doesn’t even have custody of her child selling food stamps half price that she clearly does not need.



    5. Local hooker gets out of jail and immediately runs to Facebook to sell the food stamps our government is throwing at her.



    4. Twin city selfie queen got stamps



    3. Well known Worcester junkbox selling stamps despite being an able bodied male.






    2. Pawtucket baller doesn’t understand that selling food stamps on Facebook is not normal.







    1. Great Barrington town chudmuffin selling stamps like it’s going out of style.

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    1. E. Warren

      Those are just the ones openly selling on Facebook.
      Most slugs go to their corner “Spanish market” and trade them for 50 cents on the dollar. This isn’t a secret.
      The markets also buy stolen food/ hygiene products from the boosters who steal non stop from supermarkets and Walmart.

      1. wabbitt

        If you ever wondered why the bottles of Tide at CVS are locked up – that’s why. So they don’t get stolen and end up on the shelves at a bodega an hour later.

    2. Love me some tutleboy

      I just noticed some of these people are looking for foodstamps to buy, not selling them. Still illegal none the less.

    3. wabbitt

      I could have sworn there were more Food Stamp Friday honorees than this.

    4. Norma

      Andrea and sean Parker his mother Sandra Kelly buys them

    5. Barnaby

      that’s it; better cut the whole program. Fuck the majority of people who actually need them (a large fraction being veterans)

      1. Pennsrant

        Maybe just require some sort of ID to use them?

        1. CookieMonster

          What about if an elderly/disabled recipient needed to send someone to the store??? There’s never gonna be a perfect solution but I don’t think making someone show an id is the answer

    6. Mayo

      I receive food stamps but I don’t abuse them. I am not a heroin or any other drug addict. I don’t drink alcohol. I need the food stamps for food, otherwise I’d have none. I tried reporting one of TB’s food stamp frauds to DTA, but the woman wanted nothing to do with it.

      1. Chris

        IMO only the elderly and vets should be on food stamps; why is one of the EBT cards pictured without a mugshot? (“VALID WITHOUT PHOTO ID”)

        1. Sara Anne

          From my own experience any EBT card that says ” Valid without photo ID” is a card given to a recent victim of domestic violence. I had to get help a few years prior when leaving a difficult situation, not everyone who needs help or has cards like this are dirt bags though. I also had to bring proof of my situation at the time such as restraining orders and other verifications.

    7. See Also:

      Nicole “Coley” Morales (aka Nicole Franks) – Lives in Central Falls, “works” at the Taco Bell in Warwick Mall

      AND her mother Deborah Senecal Franks, who usually buys her crack in Kennedy Plaza

    8. Moral Warrior

      End all welfare, wall off the ghettos and let nature take its course.

    9. Gady

      Upstanding citizens, all!

    10. Unbelievable

      we are witnessing people who should be sterilized. These people cannot be allowed to bring children into the world as they are likely to produce ignorant as fuck children.

      TB where do you find these pages?

    11. ForeverAlone

      I never knew that people sold “food stamps” for money, WTF man! What is going wrong with society. It’s like the movie “idiocracy” was more of a prophetic message than a funny satirical comedy…..

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